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Favorite Legend KO Artist?


Favorite Legend KO Artist?  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Legend KO Artist?

    • Nathan Chester
    • Zoe Levert
    • Gene Taylor
    • Jackie Romeo
    • Mafe
    • Val T Webb

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Jeez this team is stacked. Though I still don't get the Zoe hype. She has yet to impress me.


Val edges Gene by the slightest of margins for me cause I think she makes the slightly better musical choices and has had the better song choices.


But tbh, I can see Mafe, Nathan and Jackie outperforming either of them with the right song in KOs.


My ranking overall is


1. Val

2. Gene

3. Make

4. Nathan

5. Jackie

6. Zoe.


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I think Nathan stepped it up big time in his battle, and is now on my radar, but my favorite is still Bryan. 


Jackie appeared on my radar yesterday as well.


Gene is fantastic, but better song choices please.

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This is a tough one to rank. I think I'm going to rank them not based on performance but like... by how much I like their voices.


Hasn't really been spectacular yet, but my favorite voice of the bunch tbh

1. Jackie


Incredible singers

2-5. Gene, Mafe, Nathan, Val (interchangeable)


Zoe Levert

6. Zoe

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1. Gene: this guy is a vocal beast 

2. Val: she is a vocal beast as well, wow, Team Legend is stacked 

3. Nathan: another killer vocalist 

4. Mafe: another killer vocalist, this team is just amazing. 

5. Jackie: not as good as the others but still really solid vocalist as well. And she has an interesting tone. 

6. Zoe: girl, i'm so sorry, i want to like you more but i don't know how you are gonna survive this next round in the first place. Good luck. 


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1 hour ago, Hsamid said:

Though I still don't get the Zoe hype.

Sorry, but i don't know why some of you are acting like Zoe is an snowflake here. She is not. Most people has been very critical of her, including me. The "unpopular" opinion is probably liking her, not the other way around.  


Btw, i'm gonna defend her this time and say that she has some really good material on social media. She is good, but she hasn't been able to showcase her talent on the show. She is still the weakest vocalist on Team Legend, tho.


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This is a really strong team honestly.


1. Val: Best vocalist I've heard this season I've heard ever in history! I love her song choices and her vocals. I see her making the finale like Wendy, Kyla, Toneisha, Rose, and Desz did. She is a pro and a queen.


2. Gene: He is the best male vocalist this season so far and his song choices have been on point. This man is a pro and a king.


3. Mafe: She has a fantastic voice that is really buttery yet powerful at the same time. She's also a queen. 


4. Zoe: I love her beautiful tone and she is improving a lot on the show so far which is what I love about her. She's going to keep having a growth arc.


5. Nathan: He may not be my top 4 favorite, but he has a beautiful tone, and he is stepping up a lot. 


6. Jackie: She has a strong voice and is stepping up a lot. She did fantastic in the battles. I feel she is going to continue to improve. 

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Val by a little, but Gene is definitely on my radar too. Jackie was better in battles than BA but I’m still not convinced.


1. Val

2. Gene

3. Mafe

4. Nathan

5. Zoe

6. Jackie

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