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Favorite D+S KO Artist?


Favorite D+S KO Artist?  

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  1. 1. Favorite D+S KO Artist?

    • Karen Waldrup
    • Frank Garcia
    • Kyle Schuesler
    • Ducote Talmage
    • Olivia Rubini
    • Anya True

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Frank has everything I need in a contestant. Unique voice, emotive and his technical ability is slept on. Dude has surprisingly good range and power, even his runs have been crisp and well placed.


1. Frank

2. Kyle 

3. Karen

4. Anya 

5. Olivia

6. Ducote

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1. Anya: Love her tone so much. So happy that she is still in the competition

2. Kyle: when was the last time i liked a male contestant this much? This guy is great. 

3. Karen: Ok, she killed it in that battle. Not convinced yet but she is clearly really good 

4. Frank: a really solid vocalist but probably just not my style. 

5. Olivia: potential is there, i like her tone but i need to listen more 

6. Ducote: Ryan should be in his place. 

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1. Karen: She's the best singer on Dan+Shay's team right now. She slayed her blind audition and battle so far. I've been a huge fan of hers for a few years before she came on The Voice. She's the real deal, a professional who could end up winning the show. I am a stan. She has a lot of fantastic covers and originals off show as well.


2. Frank: He is the best male vocalist on this team. He has a killer tone and range. He has tons of potential that will take him really far. 


3. Kyle: He is very good! I wasn't crazy about his blind audition, but he still did very good. It's just that Maelyn and Tarryn put the song to rest that I don't want anyone else to sing the song after that. I can't stop replaying Maelyn and Tarryn's version of that song. He did great in battles, and he deserves to be in this spot. 


4. Anya: She has a lot of potential and has a beautiful tone. She's improving a lot. She's just not as good as the other 3 above her. I need to hear more from her.


5. Olivia:  I love her tone and loved her blind audition. Unfortunately, I did not love her in battles as Jackie outperformed her. She does have potential and could get better with a better song choice. 


6. Ducote: Sorry, but it's a no from me dawg. I don't like his tone. I'm just not a fan. Please send him home. The dude has no range at all and is very limited for a male country singer. He's got no experience at all. 

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