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Favorite SF and Finale closing performance from last 10 seasons

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Favorite SF Closing Performance

    • Kirk Jay - I Swear
    • Shawn Sounds - A Song For You
    • Jake Hoot - Desperado
    • Cammwess - Rainbow
    • Carter Rubin - Rainbow Connection
    • Kenzie Wheeler - He Stopped Loving Her Today
    • Joshua Vacanti - Ashes
    • Morgan Myles - Always Remember Us This Way
    • Grace West - Till I Can Make It On My Own
    • Lila Forde - River
  2. 2. Favorite Finale Closing Performance

    • Kennedy Holmes - Confident
    • Maelyn - Hallelujah
    • Rose Short - Border Song
    • Thunderstorm Artis - What A Wonderful World
    • Jim Ranger - With A Little Help From My Friends
    • Victor Solomon - Freedom
    • Wendy Moten - Over The Rainbow
    • Omar Jose Cardona - Somebody To Love
    • Gina Miles - Nothing Compares 2 U
    • Huntley - Higher

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  • Hamza Tufail changed the title to Favorite SF and Finale closing performance from last 10 seasons

Shawn Sounds - a song for you


It's rare when runs make me feel a song but he's one of the few on this show to do that. So tastefully done, Best rendition of this song on the show imo.



Wendy Moten - Over the rainbow.


Doesnt need any explanation. One of the best live vocals in this shows history.


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That was really hard. I picked Morgan and Wendy. Kennedy,Maelyn, Shawn, Joshua, Carter, Jake, Cammwess, Grace, Lila, Rose, Thunderstorm, Gina, Huntley, Omar, and Victor's were all incredible as well. Those are all my favorites. Kenzie was pretty good with his but I preferred his studio much more. Didn't love Kirk's semi performance but he's great, and I didn't like Jim's performance at all. 

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1. This is very easy for me. Morgan by far.


2. This one's a little hard for me. Wendy's OTR is the best performance here, but I really, really liked Hallelujah, Somebody To Love, Higher, and WALHFMF as well


Hmmmm... I think I'ma go with Omar here. Let's be honest, Maelyn and Wendy are gonna get dozens of votes each anyway.


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1 hour ago, Misirlou said:

- Surprised by the lack of votes for Rose though.


That performance isn’t really viewed as iconic but I’ve always put it up there along with her KO and Top 10.

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