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ANTM Superlatives (Best Makeover Photo - Round 4 Pairs)


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We have had full rankdowns to find the best individual contestant, and we had a wonderful Mini-Rankdown to find the best photographs. But there's still so much that we can argue about! This is a part of my series of mini-rankdowns that will have a different prompt for every round. Each ranker can choose any prompt that you want to see. You can be as general or as specific as you want (within reason lol) or even choose to find the WORST of something instead of the best. Best winner portfolio? Best CoverGirl commercial? Best Tyra shot? Best CoverGirl photo? Best runner-up? You name it and we'll rank it. 


Because this is a mini-rankdown, the time commitment is shorter and there are no big write-up requirements. You may choose to join as many or as few rounds as you want. Sign-ups will happen at the beginning of each round.

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Derek - Best Winner Portfolio

Gigi - Best CoverGirl Photo

Diana - Best Makeover

Chris - Best Judge

Richard - Best 3 Photo Streak

Akshar - Best Photo by Tyra

Rei - Most Iconic CoverGirl Commercial

Zoey - Best Makeover Photo

Alex - Best Judging Test

Sola - Male Thirst Trap

Lily - [Secret!]

Gonzalo - Best Walk

Victoria - Best FCO




Best Winner Portolio

1. Eva

2. Danielle

3. Nicole C13

4. CariDee

5. Teyona

6. Brittani

7. Laura

8. Yoanna

9. Ann

10. Nicole C5

11. Jourdan

12. Nyle

13. McKey

14. Krista

15. Naima

16. Sophie

17. Adrianne

18. India

19. Jaslene

20. Lisa

21. Kyla

22. Whitney

23. Saleisha

24. Keith


Best CoverGirl Photo

1. Eva

2. Nicole C5

3. Jenah - Finale

4. Fatima

5. Chelsey

6. Danielle

7. CariDee

8. Heather

9. Molly

10. Naima

11. Renee

12. Kahlen

13. Bianca

14. Aminat

15. Whitney

16. Brittani

17. Teyona

18. Sophie

19. Lisa C17

20. Jenah - Queen


Best Makeover

1. Fatima

2. Coryn

3. Nnenna

4. McKey

5. Amanda (Cycle 3)

6. Nina

7. Fo

8. Tiffany

9. Mollie Sue

10. Erin

11. Jenah

12. Brittany (Cycle 13)

13. Ebony (Cycle 9)

14. Aminat

15. India

16. April

17. Eugena

18. Nicole (Cycle 3)

19. Bre (Cycle 5)

20. Joanie


Best Judge

1. Janice Dickinson

2. André Leon Talley

3. Tyra Banks

4. J. Alexander

5. Twiggy

6. Paulina Porizkova

7. Nigel Barker

8. Ashley Graham

9. Jay Manuel

10. Kelly Cutrone

11. Rita Ora

12. Kimora Lee Simmons

13. Nolé Marin

14. Drew Elliott

15. Ann Shokey

16. Rob Evans

17. Law Roach

18. Beau Quillian

19. Eric Nicholson

20. Bryanboy


Best 3-Photo Streak

1. Lauren Brie - Hot Air Balloon

2. Krista - Lloyd Klein

3. AzMarie - Very.com

4. CariDee - Circus

5. Brittany - Lubriderm

6. Alexandra - Lloyd Klein

7. Renee - Women's Magazine

8. Jenah - Rock Climbing

9. Erin - Jockey

10. Brittani - Landfill

11. Lenox - Hair

12. Jenah - Garden

13. Allison - Carmen Miranda

14. Joanie - Doll

15. Joanie - Banana Boat

16. Nyle - Possessed

17. Nina - Field Couture

18. Lisa - Country Couture

19. Lio - Eyes

20. Heather - Recycling


Best Photo by Tyra

1. Headscarf - Erin

2. Bird - Allison

3. Shadows - Alexandra

4. Cycle 5 - Nicole

5. Women's Magazine - Renee

6. Cycle 7 - CariDee

7. Modern Renaissance - Fatima

8. Waterfall - Leila

9. Glam - Lio

10. Crying - Nnenna

11. Woman's Magazine - Natasha

12. Great Wall - Top 4

13. Headscarf - Rae

14. Headscarf - Jennifer

15. Great Wall - Jenah

16. Great Wall - Chantal

17. Cycle 7 - Michelle

18. Waterfall - Kiara

19. Glam - McKey

20. Bird - Teyona


Most Iconic CoverGirl Commercial

1. Jade (Episode 6)

2. Dominique

3. Lauren

4. Lio (Episode 9)

5. Whitney (Episode 10)

6. Joanie (Episode 6)

7. Sheena (Episode 9)

8. Jennifer

9. Mollie Sue

10. Furonda

11. Fatima (Episode 10)

12. Katarzyna

13. Danielle (Episode 6)

14. Brooke

15. Renee (Episode 😎

16. Anya (Episode 10)

17. Sundai

18. Nicole (Cycle 5)

19. Jaslene (Finale)

20. Dionne

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Current Round: Best Makeover Photo




Kahlen C4

Keenyah C4

Michelle C4

Naima C4

Rebecca C4

Tiffany C4




Bre C5

Coryn C5

Nik C5

Sarah C5




Danielle C6

Furonda C6

Jade C6

Joanie C6

Kari C6

Nnenna C6




Amanda C7

Anchal C7

Brooke C7

Eugena C7

Melrose C7

Monique C7


Screenshot 2024 03 21 at 8.40.18 PMScreenshot 2024 03 21 at 8.38.32 PMScreenshot 2024 03 21 at 8.39.51 PM[ANTM] Bianca05[ANTM] Chantal04[ANTM] Heather03[ANTM] Jenah04[ANTM] Lisa04


Jael C8

Jaslene C8

Whitney C8

Bianca C9

Chantal C9

Heather C9

Jenah C9

Lisa C9


[ANTM] Aimee03[ANTM] Fatima03[ANTM] Katarzyna03RyWd06E.jpg


Aimee C10

Fatima C10

Katarzyna C10

Whitney C10 2




Lauren Brie C11

Lio C11

Sam C11

Sheena C11

Aminat C12

Fo C12

Miss Jay C12




Bianca C13

Brittany C13

Erin C13

Jennifer C13

Kara C13

Lisa C13

Nicole C13

Rae C13

Sundai C13

Miss J C13




Alexandra C14

Jessica C14

Raina C14

Ren C14

Simone C14

Tatianna C14


eyjKfhX.jpgtumblr nro4eoGrAb1u5q3kko7 1280tumblr nro4hagLzI1u5q3kko4 1280dvivUPP.jpgliQQh5Z.jpgJukSo4S.jpgtumblr nro4hagLzI1u5q3kko4 1280


Ann C15

Kayla C15

Rhianna C15

Alexandria C16

Jaclyn C16

Mikaela C16




Catherine C18

Kristin C19

Leila C19

Nastasia C19




Jiana C20

Jourdan C20

Renee C20

Winnie C21

Justin C22

Lacey C22

Mamé C22




Cherish C23
Courtney C23
India C23
Marissa C23
Paige C23
Tash C23




Coura C24
Jeana C24
Khrystyana C24
Liberty C24

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Welcome to the ANTM Superlatives game!


















The first round will be my round, which is Best Winner Portfolio! I'm not including promos/makeovers/challenge/etc. in this round, so don't worry haha. Feel free to sign up if you would like to play this round!


Also, if you already have an idea of what you want to rank next, you can choose your own round rules now! First come first serve for the order of the rounds. You are allowed to change your idea without losing your spot in the order.

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3 minutes ago, taylorkat said:

I'm going to sign up and choose best CoverGirl photo.

Love it!


Do you want to include mid-cycle CoverGirl photos like Cycle 9 Queen Collection & Cycle 14 NYC, or just the ones from the finales

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1 minute ago, *Diana said:

I will sign up and choose best makeover. (If that works?)

Best makeover photo from the makeover photoshoot, or like best improvement in general?


(either would work and be super fun)

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12 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Best makeover photo from the makeover photoshoot, or like best improvement in general?


(either would work and be super fun)

I will take the other. :yes:

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26 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

For the Best Winner Portfolio, do we want to rank them all 1-24??? So we can have a last placer?????


Or should we have a quick round to narrow down to 20?


All of them.

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Okay we will be ranking the winner portfolios from 1 to 24!!! No comments are required, but of course I'd love to read any input especially for your #1 and #24. All the portfolios are posted on this page (the front page) above. If you would like to participate, please submit your rankings by next Thursday, August 3. 


















In the meantime, you are still welcome to post your ideas for your own round and hold your place in line! 

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  • FrogLenzen changed the title to ANTM Superlatives (Best Winner Portfolio - Submit rankings 1 to 24)

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