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Favorite Performance (Episode 5)


Favorite Performance (Episode 5)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Kique - Beautiful Girls
    • Hillary Torchiana - Easy on Me
    • The Marilynds - What If I Never Get Over You
    • Zach Newbound - Use Somebody
    • Lana Love - Candy
    • Daysia Reneau - Crazy
    • Ansley Burns - Unchained Melody
    • Bodie - You Found Me
  2. 2. Grade Episode 5

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)

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The episode definitely picked up as it went on. I think it's one of the stronger ones of the season. Still just a C grade for me though.


My ranking


1. Bodie

2. Daysia

3. Zach

4. Lana

5. Kique

6. The Marilynds

7. Hillary

8. Ansley.

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8. Ansley Burns - she would have been awesome on The Voice Kids.

7. Hillary Torchiana - the 90-second format did no favors to her and her song choice.

6. The Marilynds - decent harmonies, ace song choice.

5. Kique Gomez - the cheek, the gall, the gumption of that song choice.... we got a risk-taker her! I can tell he's gonna get better with more coaching.

4. Zach Newbould - I hate how much I liked this.
3. Daysia Reneau - solid, jazzy audition. I like it when people do stuff like this on the blinds.
2. Lana Love - the moxie, the mettle, the audacity to do that to a Mandy Moore song..... I have to give props.

1. Bodie - winter has come early for me, coz we got a SNOWFLAKE here!

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Didn´t watch the entire thing live, but I finally checked out everyone, and it was a solid episode. B for me.


1. Bodie - On my Top 3 already. What an interesting tone and take on the song. Can´t wait to see where he goes next.


2. Zach - Pleasant surprise, I didn´t pay attention to him prior to this, but I really enjoyed his rasp and melody choices on an overdone song.


3. Daysia - Interesting and very well done take on this song. Looking forward to see her direction on the show.


4. Kique - The song choice is all kinds of WTF, but he made it work for the most part. His low tone is to die for, but it needs much better song choices to be showcased well. 


5. The Marilynds- It wasn´t the most exciting or memorable performance, but it was well sung and competent.


6. Hillary - Props for the bold song choice, and the good parts that went with it, but I did notice shakiness throughout. A tall order.


7. Lana - Talented vocalist, but the performance didn´t really work for me.


8. Ansley - Props for the bold song choice x2, but I´m not convinced she´s ready for this.

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I actually enjoyed this episode for once. I thought it was better than both Episode 3 and 4. It had some of my favorite auditions this season.


1. Bodie - Love this guy's voice, and he has some real singing chops. That high note at the end was no joke. Hope he continues singing alternative songs because they're a great fit for him.


2. Lana - I LOVED THIS. I'm not exaggerating when I say that if it weren't for the botched whistle note attempt, this would probably be in my Top 5 for the season.


3. Zach - Did not expect to enjoy him as much as I did. He has a really good rasp and though I thought the end fell a little short, I enjoyed this.


4. Daysia - There are moments where she's GOT it and moments when she loses it a little. Gorgeous tone though and I hope to see her grow in the following rounds.


5. Kique - Bizarre, bizarre song choice and I don't think it worked honestly, but he clearly has an excellent voice.


6. The Marilynds - Tbh I found this performance quite boring. Decent enough, but ehhh


7. Hillary - Just like Daysia, she had good and not-so-good parts, but I thought the not-so-good parts here were much more noticeable.


8. Ansley - Didn't hate this actually, she has some pipes, just very green is all. Pitch issues galore.

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Some interesting song choices and flips tonight.

1-3 are pretty interchangeable!


1. Daysia (8.5) - This one took a few listens to fully grasp but I like her! Beautiful performance with an unexpected song choice. Gwen got a good one!

2. Lana Love (8.5) - Flip aside - this is probably the most bizarre song choice we'll see this season and I loved it. That whistle note was far from perfect, but as for the rest of it - she was consistent, has a great tone, and is so wonderfully theatrical. Also if Lana Love is her birth name than she's truly blessed because that's an A+ stage name.

3. bodie (8.5) - I like his tone and appreciate what he did with the song (otherwise it'd be so dull oh my god). Moving forward, I think he's got a great pop-oriented voice, but I do agree that the alternative lane should be something he looks into.

4. The Marilynds (8) - Pretty voices together with some good harmonies. I only think it lacked a true WOW moment. I will say that individually, however, they'd each warrant chair turns as well.

5. Hillary Torchiana (7.5) - Solid voice. But of course, if you tackle Adele, it rarely leaves a mark. I do think this warranted more than one chair turn, but in the long run it won't be as memorable.

6. Kique (7.5) - Very confused by this song choice... there's good bizarre like Lana's performance and there's weird bizarre, and this one's the latter. The good news is he's got a great voice and I do feel like he deserves a higher score, but this performance fell a bit flat for me.

7. Zach Newbould (7.5) - I love rasp but... and I wish there was a nicer way to say it... I don't like it that much with his voice. It feels mismatched and ultimately despite the great song, this performance fell flat. Definitely talented but I'm glad he's self-aware - he doesn't know what to use his voice for yet. He could be bodie-level in a couple years, but still too young to fully know what he's eventually going to be capable of.

8. Ansley Burns (6.5) - A great singer but she's just a year or two shy of really being ready. This song was too big for her and I truly don't think it was a wise block decision for Blake. Give her more time and she'll be ready...

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1. Daysia (A-): A really unique take on a country classic, would love to hear her on some Corrinne Bailey Rae

2. Bodie (A-): LOVE his voice and his take on the song, just not crazy about the song choice

3. Kique Gomez (B+): I thought his runs and low notes were so controlled and powerful and he made a weird song choice work for him... but girl what is that song choice

4. Lana Love (B+): I actually didn't mind the whistle note, very confident in herself and her presentation, really liked this

5. Zach Neubold (B): I would've turned based on the first half of the performance but I found the rock/uptempo part to be a little average, not bad, just not special

6. Hillary Torchiana (B-): Weird as hell arrangement, but solid. She's no Adele but who is?

7. Ansley Burns (C+): The last third was a little overwrought, but it wasn't terrible. Just green with not much experience

8. The Marilynds (C): I was more impressed by them induvially then together, I found them to be really boring in harmony and compare it Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott? Nah

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- Episode Grade: C -- where was the dopamine hit I was expecting from listening to these performances? 😐

- #3-8 are interchangeable lol, I think they were all in a similar range of good singers with varying levels of shakiness/imperfection in their performance.

- Despite not putting him in the upper bracket of auditions, I think I'm most excited for Kique in the battles (those low notes were crazy!).


1. bodie - his power was nice, but what makes me place him above Zach were the runs; there was one that I initially didn't notice because of Blake complaining about John, but it was really cool.

2. Zach - very interesting. I like his tone and he had the intensity and power needed for this performance. He didn't seem to hit the notes on the "see" but, considering the rest of his performance, I am happy to let that go.


3. The Marilynds - pleasant performance overall. I agree with others that it didn't have a "wow" moment, and it didn't feel 100% clean all the way through (?), but I think it was mostly well-executed.

4. Daysia - the whole performance felt slightly off to me? But, I really liked her approah and I'm curious how this will fit into the battles and potential future rounds.

5. Lana - this definitely feels like a unique audition. I agree that the whistle note was not perfectly executed, and there were other parts that felt a little off, but overall, she left me intrigued - I look forward to seeing what she does next.

6. Hillary - nailing that first "Easy on me" earned her the chair turn, and I think it was well-deserved. I'm not one to say this usually, but I thought it got a bit yelly at the end, not in terms of volume, but that it sounded slightly unpleasant to me? Nonetheless, I thought this was a good performance overall.

7. Kique - really enjoyed his low notes; I'm already a big fan based on that. I think there were some of the belts near the end weren't my favorite, but overall still great.

8. Ansley - she has a looot of power! But she sounded a little shaky, and as one of the youtube comments said, her age showed through her performance.

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A lot of the auditions sucked, but this episode was an A+ to me because it had Lana!!!!! The one-chair turns this season have been KILLING it. I'm really rooting for Lana, Julia, Brayden, Hillary, Tanner, etc. On the other hand, some of these people did NOT deserve all the chairs they got...


The Good:

1. Lana Love: WOW! I didn't know the song, but I was super impressed with her performance. I'm stunned by the fact that she only got one chair, but I feel like she'll have a breakout moment in the KOs if she makes it that far. Definitely my snowflake for this season. Love her.

2. The Marilynds: I'm a sucker for groups and they were no exception. Their harmonies were super tight and they totally reminded me of Whitney and Shannon from S11. Really good audition!

3. Zach Newbould: He did a good job on a super overdone song. A couple weird moments here and there, but he overall did a really great job. Definitely one to watch out for this season. If he ISN'T your snowflake, I think he's probably going be a snowflake killer.

4. Hillary Torchiana: Another really good one-chair turn. She had a handful of iffy moments, but her good moments were really good. I'm glad Blake saw her potential.

5. SOLsong: I know absolutely nothing about him since he was montaged, but he didn't sound bad at all.

6. bodie: Not really my style, but he has a nice voice and his audition was really solid.


The Bad:

7. Daysia: I think she was really close to having an amazing audition! The voice is definitely there, but I thought the messy moments just slightly outweighed the good moments. Probably just an age thing, especially since she took on such a big song.

8. Kara McKee: Love the creative song choice, but if the clip of her performance we got was its best part, it was probably a pretty bad audition.

9. Kique: Annoying song choice. I liked when this audition ended.

10. Ansley Burns: Ugh. I did NOT like this girl on AGT and I hated this audition on the Voice. She was doing wayyyyy too much with a song that was wayyyyyy too big for her. Despite the block, I'm hoping she gets a Rizzi Myers treatment.


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It was that hard to have an actual good episode like this one?? I'm not saying it was excellent, but it was pretty solid. One of the best of the season. I'll give it a B.


8. Ansley. 

7. The Marilynds 

6. Zach 

5. Kique 

4. Hillary 

3. Bodie 

2. Daysia 

1. Lana 

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On 10/3/2022 at 10:42 PM, erik g said:


1. Daysia

2. Lana

3. Bodie



4. Zach


Really Good 


6. Hillary



7. The Marilynds

8. Ansley

nvm Daysia and Lana are tied for #1

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