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Favorite Performance (Episode 4)


Favorite Performance (Episode 4)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Tanner Howe - Mercy
    • Sydney Kronmiller - Latch
    • Tanner Fussell - Anymore
    • Kayla Von Der Heide - Jealous Guy
    • Parijita Bastola - Jealous
  2. 2. Grade Episode 4

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)

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Not gonna rank the montages, not enough to go off on.


5. Sydney Kronmiller - her lower range is really intriguing.

4. Tanner Fussell - little too affected, but I love the alt rock influences in his voice.
3. Tanner Howe - needs more projection. But he's cute, so....
2. Kayla von der Heide - interesting take on Jealous Guy. Love a good alto voice.

1. Parijita Bastola - very old school Voice audition. She came swinging!

I liked this better than yesterday's episode.

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I enjoyed tonight, honestly, except for the montages. Gave it a B.


1. Parijita - No brainer. Fantastic display of control and emotion in 90 seconds. 


2. Sydney - I´m fully on board with her low tone. Loved the acoustic arrangement. A couple of shaky moments but I really enjoyed it overall. Pleasant surprise.


3. Tanner F - I enjoyed the rock edge he gave to the song. That rasp came through in some places. Enunciation and some wobbly moments keep him 3rd though.


4. Kayla - That opening was magical, but it trailed off after that. Still, enjoyed her take on the song. 


5. Tanner H - Solid, but at this point I´m tired of both the song and the pop singers that go for it.

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1. Parijita





2. Tanner H (he doesn't really have much of a low range but when he got out of that it was good)

3. Sydney (She has a great voice but sounded really nervous)

4. Kayla (great opening line, everything else was shaky)



5. Tanner F (not for me)

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Great night! Shame about the montages though.

1. Parijita Bastola (10/10) - I went back in forth on this but I don't see any reason to not give her a 10. Easily the best of the season so far, and this kind of performance isn't my usual cup of tea. Just perfectly executed. Well done!

2. Kayla Von Der Heide (9/10) - I don't particularly like the song if I'm being honest, but her take was fantastic. This is the kind of singer I love on this show, and I rarely comment on aesthetics but the aesthetics she has on her social media in relation to how she songs? Flawless. One of my favorites this season as well.

3. Sydney Kronmiller (8.5/10) - DEEEEEEP. What an interesting tone! Certainly not perfect but definitely a standout. Much like Madison, I'll be replaying this one a lot... perhaps even more.

4. Tanner Howe (7.5/10) - Acceptable, but unfortunately the song doesn't allow him to do much else. Perhaps he doesn't need to be too deep in that lane but he's decent enough. Maybe he'll surprise in the next round!

5. Tanner Fussell (7.5/10) - I like the grunge/alt rock comparisons I'm seeing for him. He's good but that stuff would be a much better fit than Travis Tritt. I do like him. Maybe next round will shock me.



Very sad I can't rank them, especially Eric. He sounded interesting, Destiny was fantastic, Eva had great potential there, too.

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Kayla, Sydney, and Parijita were really good!! I also really liked the country Tanner who only got one chair. The other Tanner was meh. The montages were sad as always, but none of the performances we missed out on seemed that impressive. I think Destiny showed the most potential out of the montages due to her interesting song choice, but she sounded a bit messy. Overall, one of the better audition episodes this season IMO.

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