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Rank the Team Legend Season 21 Knockouts


Your favorite Team Legend Season 21 Knockout  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose

    • BrittanyBree - Best Part
    • Jershika Maple - Inseparable
    • Joshua Vacanti - Falling
    • Paris Winningham - Tennessee Whiskey
    • Sabrina Dias - Photograph
    • Samara Brown - The Best
    • Samuel Harness - Bruises
    • Shadale - Impossible

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This matchup will be remembered. There's a reason why this brought them to the finale.

1. Paris

2. Jershika

Awesome job all around!

3. Samuel

4. Shadale

5. Joshua

A bit inconsistent on vocals, but props for the drums and creativity.

6. Sabrina

This ones didnt work for me.

7. BrittanyBree

8. Samara

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Wow this was a stacked group of Knockouts. The Top 3 here were particularly phenomenal. The worst Knockouts were more meh, no real trainwrecks here.


1. Paris Winningham 

2. Jershika Maple

3. Shadale

4. Joshua Vacanti

5. Samuel Harness

6. Samara Brown

7. Sabrina Dias

8. Brittany Bree

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Oh em gee

1.) Jershika

2.) Shadale

3.) Paris


Nailed it!

4.) Joshua

6.) Samuel


Lowkey enjoyed

7.) Sabrina 


Who the hell chose that song

8.) Brittany

9.) Samara 


None of these were necessarily BAD tho

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She left no crumbs.

1. Jershika Maple



2. Shadale

3. Paris Winningham


Not my favorite but still good!

4. Samuel Harness

5. Joshua Vacanti


Underrated tbh

6. BrittanyBree



7. Sabrina Dias

8. Samara Brown

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1. Paris (the show’s over and this STILL lives rent free in my head…not complaining though)
2. Jershika (did you hear those runs??? HELLO???)

3. Shadale (vocally and emotionally on point)

4. Samuel (his since-recorded full-length version is *chef’s kiss* and I’m gonna need y’all to stream it please and thank you)

5. Joshua (a surprise in the best way possible)

6. BrittanyBree (interesting to hear the song on a more textured voice, but not a good fit for her voice)

7. Sabrina (really cool from an artistry perspective)

8. Samara (not bad, but Tina is a big ask for just about anyone)

Not a single bad KO among this group, even if there’s a pretty clear ranking of the top 5 IMO.

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