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Best losing KO that didn't end in a steal/save


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S20: Savanna Woods (Y'ALL she was robbed)

S19: Lauren F (I thought she deserved the win) & Ryan Berg (I thought he deserved a steal). Julia Cooper and Ryan Gallagher also come to mind, but we all know what happened with the latter.

S18: WITHOUT A DOUBT...Taylor Green! I mean Levi was good too but Taylor really stepped it up.

S17: Marina C. She was actually robbed, and all the coaches were on their feet and I'm so sad the steal/saves were used up.

S16: Beth GM seriously deserved a steal/save and only if her CB result was announced sooner John would've used his save.

S15: The thing with this season is that all the eliminated KO artists were worse than the winners, and if not then they were saved/stolen. Maybe Mike or Delaney but I really have no clue since a lot of artists flopped this round.

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Both battle steals of Team Adam in Season 5 had excellent knockout's performances! Sadly, they ended in the most stacked team that season, and were paired against two favorites. (Coaches using their battle steals as fodder, no surprise there) 


Anyway, I wish Xtina would have stolen one of them instead of Stephanie, who, IMO, was good, but was not nearly as impressive as them.

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If “Coach Comebacks” don’t count towards the steals and saves, then Karli Webster deserves a mention - if she hadn’t been up against Janice, I think she would’ve had a slightly better shot at winning her KO (but given Miley’s ridiculously talented team, there’s no way Janice should’ve gone home either). 

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Michael Sanchez, definitely. And it sucks because apparently it was indeed filmed when there were no steals or saves, and the other 3 coaches gave the win to him, so I´m confident he would have stucked around had the match been in the first taping.

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S20 - None really but Gean Garcia's the only one whose performance I could see somewhat justified as a steal/save. I definitely preferred him to Victor here tbh.

S19 - None really? I mean Ryan Gallagher and Larriah Jackson were decent and better than Taryn so maybe them but I'm otherwise fine here.

S18 - Tayler Green 100% deserved a win over Micah. Micah redeemed himself in later rounds but it should've been Tayler the whole time.

S17 - Zoe Upkins - I think all the KO steals (Max, Joana, Alex, Gracee) were all valid this season but Zoe was the only one who lost that I think deserved one as well. I did prefer Will over her in this round but she was more deserving than some others that went through.

S16 - Beth Griffith-Manley - her going home was ROUGH. Rebecca nailed her performance and deserved to go through, but NBC made a mistake putting Carter/Jacob's results before Rebecca/Beth

S15 - None.

S14 - None.

S13 - Karli Webster - Literally if she hadn't gone up against Janice.... ugh. I thought Karli's was lovely. Kathrina Feigh and Katrina Rose, while not perfect, I feel would've been rather deserving candidates for steals.

S12 - Johnny Gates - He highkey could've reached an all-time favorite list of mine had he lasted longer on the show. Hunter deserved the win, Johnny deserved a steal. And Felicia Temple... need I say more? Johnny and Felicia deserved the steals 10000% more than Quizz and Aaliyah. They were both way too young and frankly not good enough at the time.

S11 - Michael Sanchez Michael Sanchez Michael Sanchez Michael Sanchez Michael Sanchez Michael Sanchez (and Courtnie Ramirez as well)

S10 - None but Maya Smith comes closest. And anyone could've been stolen over Lacy Mandigo...

S9 - Nadjah Nicole did well enough to warrant one imo.

S8 - None.

S7 - Troy Ritchie Toia Jones Troy Ritchie Toia Jones Troy Ritchie Toia Jones Troy Ritchie Toia Jones - both severely wronged

S6 - Dani Moz put up a strong fight but Shakira was wrong for throwing Clarissa Serna out. She was her one shot. Sam Behymer also deserved a steal.

S5 - tbh the only one I can think of here is Juhi 

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Karli Webster (Although she brought back in playoffs but if Adam steal her, she would definitely be Adam's top three)

Alessandra Castronovo (Mia was great but she deserved a steal, If Pharrell was picked Ricky instead of Elyjuh then she was saved)  

Samantha Howell

Katrina Cain or Claire (They both flopped hard but Colton was worst)

Jaclyn Lovey (I mean what was the point to paired her against Kyla)

Lauren Diaz (Her both partners were clear frontrunner of their teams) 

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