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  1. 1. Keegan Ferrell (It was only good performance of the night) 2. Awari 3. Ainae 4. Denisha Dalton Pretty much forgettable performances.
  2. 1. Savanna Woods (This was the best of the night, also the best version of the song) 2. Anna Grace (She was a deserving four chair turn) 3. Savanna Chestnut (Huge surprise) 4. Zania Alake 5. Rio Doyle 6. Lindsay Joan 7. Jordan Matthew Young 8. Rachel Mac
  3. Madison Marigold Conner Snow Tyler Kohrs Kaitlyn Myers Jesse Desorcy Madison Curbello Madison Marigold Vs Jesse Desorcy Conner Snow Vs Tyler Kohrs Kaitlyn Myers Vs Madison Curbello
  4. What about Caroline Sky? As she posted on her Instagram that she made it to top 40.
  5. Can you guys know who were the top 40 contestant? cause they only aired 37 in showstopper.
  6. Caroline Sky From The Voice season 12 also auditioned this season and made it to top 40 but they didn't air any of her single performances even not a montage clip, that's disrespectful.
  7. Season 12: Lilli Passero (She deserved to be in semi finals), Stephanie Rice, Hunter Plake Season 13: Karli Webster (She had more potential than Ashland) Season 10: (Team Christina Playoff elimination, not saddest but most shocking of all time)
  8. Season 4: Monique Abadie, Mary Miranda, Savannah Berry Season 5: Destinee Quinn, Lina Gaudenzi, Holly Henry Season 9: Ellie Lawrence, Viktor Kiraly Season 11: Lauren Diaz, Nolan Neal Season 14: Jaclyn Lovey, Jorge Eduardo, Genesis Diaz Season 15: Katrina Cain (The most saddest of all as her song choice was bad), Claire Dejean Season 16: Lili Joy, Presley Tenant, Domenic Haynes, Rebeca Howell Season 17: Kyndal Inskeep, Gracee shriver, Khalea Lynee Season 18: Samantha Howell, Zan Fiskum Season 19: Cami Clune, Ben Allen, Sid Kingsley, Ryan Gallagher
  9. 1. Deion Warren (I literally feel the song) 2. JD Casper (His voice just gave me chills) 3. Gihanna Zoe (I expect more from her due to the hype that had been created) 4. Bradley Sinclair (He was ok ) 5. Connor Christian (I didn't like him at all)
  10. I don't think they air all 5 no chair turns, I guess Connor, Charlotte and Clara would be shown or either they showed just two because second hour is for best of blinds.
  11. 1. Ryleigh Modig (This was intense and so powerful, favorite artist of this season) 2. Avery Roberson (I definitely want to listen him more because this was simple and soothing) 3. Halley Greg (I wish more coaches would turn for her, nice performance) 4. Durrell Anthony ( I really liked him) 5. Emma Caroline (she has to work on her nerves) 6. Ciana Pelekai 7. Andrew Marshall 8. Pia Renee 9. Jose Figueroa, Jr.
  12. I do think that people in this forum are more judgmental. Just enjoy it and spread the positive impact of this forum by appreciating artists.
  13. May you please explain which controversy you are talking about?
  14. This was too bad at all. Lauren, Mariam and Andrew deserved to be in top 8 This week's decision are better than last week. Benjamin, Okaluja and Jordan and Wesley were completely off to me. I hope these three doesn't represent their team in finals.
  15. This season blinds are way more interesting than last season. Episode 2 was the only one that I enjoyed last season.
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