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  1. Who were the four remaining artists? Was Cami Brooks a no chair turner?
  2. At least UK format was better than this.. What a way to reduce cost... This season has lot of talent but Channel 7 ruined this completely.. We waited for so long and what we got just 22 days season.
  3. But they said in episode 8 of Blind Audition that 5 artist will move on to knockouts.. I think two night finale will consist of that each coach will select one artist out of the five to perform on night 2 and then winner will be announced..
  4. L-R, from top to bottom: Darren Constable? /Halimah / Jedial "Cassie/ ??? / ??? ??? / Irena / Drew Walker ??? / Saraya Mauboy / Henry Zaccardi Ahomana? Michael Kay / ??? / JD Smith Seb / Zeke / Aaron Who are these five artists? Are they auditioned yet?
  5. Teams[edit] Colour key Winner Finalist Eliminated in the Semifinal Eliminated in the Knockouts Eliminated in the Cut Eliminated in the Battles The changes in Wikipedia is so confusing, I think its better to wait and see what actually happened after blinds.
  6. Cheyenne Faith Instagram | YouTube not found TBA (Female White) Is she present at hotel during battle taping?
  7. Colour key Winner Finalist Eliminated in the Semifinals Eliminated in the Cut What does it mean? Is this as same as AGT new format this season? Then 1 or 2 chair turns apparently all eliminated in this round... Confused
  8. Season 3- Nicole Johnson, Lelia Broussard Season 4- Duncan Kamakana, Agina Alvarez (They deserved a steal over C Perkins. Usher literally wasted his steal) Season 7- Mayra Alvarez Season 9- Sydney Rhame, Lyndsey Elm Season 10- Teresa Guidry Season 14- Genesis Diaz, Livia Faith, Amber Sauer Season 16- Lili Joy, Ciera Dumas Season 17- Brooke Stephenson, Matthew McQueen Season 18- Gigi Hess, Chelle
  9. Gracia Harrison Mary Miranda (Her knockout was underwhelming but still better than Kris) Monique Abbadie (Shakira was awful to send her home, she was truly better than Karina) Savannah Berry (Oh Blake! Her song choice was bad, but she delivered it well. Blake picked Justin because of his ending high note) Grace Askew Warren Stone (Adam's team was so stacked, hope there was a steal in this season) Destinee Quinn Holly Henry Lina Gaudenzi (She definitely deserved to be stolen) Clarissa Serna Kaleigh Glanton Alessandra Castronovo Kota Wade Brittney Kennell Lauren Diaz Jaclyn lovey Katrina Cain Claire DeJean
  10. Karli Webster (Although she brought back in playoffs but if Adam steal her, she would definitely be Adam's top three) Alessandra Castronovo (Mia was great but she deserved a steal, If Pharrell was picked Ricky instead of Elyjuh then she was saved) Samantha Howell Katrina Cain or Claire (They both flopped hard but Colton was worst) Jaclyn Lovey (I mean what was the point to paired her against Kyla) Lauren Diaz (Her both partners were clear frontrunner of their teams)
  11. Karli Webster knockout was good.
  12. I'm so happy Ella is back, hope she goes far in the competition.
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