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  1. So sorry to hear about her mother.. I think that's why production extend taping till February.
  2. As per wikipedia, After battles they directly move on to semi finals. This does not make any sense.
  3. She wolf(falling to pieces) Sia Helium (Sia) Love the way you lie (Rihanna)
  4. I don't think 3 battles of team Gwen will be montaged, it seems like 2 of Gwen's battles and the single montage of Blake , John and Kelly. If this is the case then Casme vs Rio is definitely up, also Casme Lost to Tamara in Knockouts.
  5. I think that chair has a curse, who ever sits on would ultimately told a lie and dumped that contestant in future rounds. Previously Adam had said to many contestants that they were in finale blah blah, but mostly ended up in battles, knockouts or playoffs.
  6. Season 3 Battles: Liz Davis over Nicole Johnson Season 4 (This season knockout decisions were terrible, although the winner didn't performed well) Battles: Amy Whitcomb over Agina Alvarez Knockouts: Karina over Monique ; Kris over Mary ; Justin over Savannah ; Swon Brothers over Grace Season 5 (I'm so happy with battle decisions but artists flop in their knockout pretty bad) Knockout: Olivia over Destinee ; Nic over Holly Season 11 (Knockout steals were worst in the history of the show, except for Belle Jewel) Knockout: Ali Caldwel
  7. I think last time we didn't expect Michael to win four-way knockout, after his blind and battle but his performance was really good besides Samantha. I have a gut feeling that same thing happen this time and least expected person will win four -way knockout.
  8. How long will it take to accept request for knockout taping? What are the essentials to bring during taping?
  9. Hey Guys! I'm so sad about Payton Lamar, I can't expect that she left so soon. Any coaches opinions on her battle?
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