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Who won the battle (in your opinion)?


Who won the battle?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. S16: Mikaela x The Bundys

    • Mikaela
    • The Bundys
  2. 2. S20: Corey x Savanna W

    • Savanna W
    • Corey
  3. 3. S18: Roderick x Joana

    • Roderick
    • Joana

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For me it was….


1) The Bundys - Their harmonies were actually really great if you rewatch the battle. Mikaela being eliminated, however, overshadowed their performance.


2) Savanna Woods - As a MASSIVE Corey fan (I loved ALL his other performances!), I can’t help but think how Savanna didn’t win the battle.


3) Roderick Chambers - In my opinion, Roderick won this battle. Joana was great and she 100% deserved a steal/save, but his voice just captivated me. Just strictly on this battle and this moment, Nick made the right call.

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The Bundys were at their best here and the song was in their wheelhouse, but Mikaela wasn’t bad here


Savanna had my favorite from her and Corey was also good. I’m happy with Corey winning because I prefer him as a whole, though Savanna shined in the battle because the song was great for her


Joanna was better in the battle from what I remember, but both were good there. I remember Joanna having a better body of work than Roderick.


I’d say that Corey vs Savanna is my favorite of these battles (probably because they’re probably my 2 favorite contestants here), and Roderick vs Joanna is my second favorite


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