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Who's Your Favorite?  

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  1. 1. Pick one?

    • Javier Colon
    • Jermaine Paul
    • Tessanne Chin
    • Chris Blue
    • Cam Anthony

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My list,


1. Cam - Probably the only one who gave Jordan a great competition for the top spot. It would've been even more closer if he had more performances.

2. Tessanne - The best female vocalist to ever be on this show. She not only has the range but she also was so Versatile and most importantly CONSISTENT from start to finish.

4. Chris B - You can't convince me that he didn't deserve to win after Superstition and Love on the brain.

4. Javier Colon - Didn't watch his season live but man what a beautiful tone he has.





5. Jermaine - No comments. 🙃

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2 hours ago, Jordan Smith Fan said:

Fixed the title!



I didn't know you all would make this a big issue. I don't know what was wrong with the previous one. But anyways I changed it so now just chill.

The fact you are not even bothered to understand what you did wrong speaks volumes.

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When this topic still had its previous awkward name, I saw these titles of KOs from S19 and found the quotation use funny:


 Ian Flanigan and James Pyle Are Both "Fantastic" in Their Performances

 Casme and Tamara Jade Both Give "Incredible" Performances

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