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If KO pairs switched songs


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Anna Grace "Glitter In The Air" vs Gihanna Zoë "If I Die Young"

- I think Gihanna would easily take this. Anna doesn't have the power or range for "Glitter In The Air" so she will have to rely on her head voice and a different arrangement. I just think Gihanna has the more versatile instrument.


Kenzie Wheeler "Tomorrow" vs Avery Roberson "Beer Never Broke My Heart"

- This would end up a bigger massacre than the original KO was.


Chloe MK "Wanted Dead or Alive" vs Ashland Craft "Landslide"

- I think Chloe would still do better, because the song is somewhat in her comfort zone, but Miley would still pick Ashland lol.


Zan Fiskum "Angel From Montgomery" vs Joanna Serenko "The Story"

- I cannot imagine either of them doing that well with these songs. Maybe I'd give the edge to Zan?


Toneisha Harris "Love On The Brain" vs Cedrice "Diamonds"

- Toneisha would find a way to make the song her own and so would Cedrice. However, Toneisha is clearly the better vocalist so she would still take this one.

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Corey Ward “Use Somebody” vs Ryleigh Modig “Already Gone”


This would still be a great pairing. The song is a great fit for Corey but Ryleigh would also do well with this. Corey would still win and Ryleigh would still get a steal.


Rachel Mac “Electric Love” vs Zae Romeo “Foolish Games”


I think both could do well with the other song, as it was an evenly matched Knockout and the songs have similar range. I’m guessing Rachel still wins and Zae still gets stolen.


Jordan Matthew Young “Help Me Hold On” vs Ethan Lively “She Talks to Angels”


Ethan would not do well with She Talks to Angels, and Jordan would still do well with Help Me Hold On, though it wouldn’t be as good for him. Jordan still wins this.


Pia Renee “Cuz I Love You” vs Ciana Pelenkai “What the World Needs Now Is Love”


Pia would have fun with this, but it is a difficult song to sing. Ciana would do better with an easier song like this. It really depends on the execution of both here, but it would be closer.


Gihanna Zoe “If I Die Young” vs Anna Grace “Glitter in the Air”


Gihanna would do very well with this and Anna Grace would make GITA her own. I think the same result would happen


Pete Mroz “I Won’t Give Up” vs Andrew Marshall “Before You Go” 


Pete would do well with this song, not sure how Andrew would do with Before You Go. Pete would still take this, but Andrew would only get stolen if he was solid here. 

Victor Solomon “Afterglow” vs Gean Garcia “My Girl”


Gean would do really well on this, while Victor’s song doesn’t seem as good for him. I’m thinking Gean would win this matchup, since I don’t know if this would fit Victor.


Dana Monique “Just My Imagination” vs Keegan Ferrell “Nutbush City Limits”


This song would be terrible for Keegan, and Dana wouldn’t slay as hard with this, but would easily win again.


Zania Alake “Issues” vs Rio Doyle “If I Were Your Woman”


Zania would still sound solid on Issues, though it wouldn’t be as good (this was not Live). This song would be a bad fit for Rio, and Zania would win.


Kenzie Wheeler “Tomorrow” vs Avery Roberson “Beer Never Broke My Heart”


Kenzie would do well with Tomorrow, and this song would look like a bus for Avery, and he would do worse. The same result would happen


Cam Anthony “Youngblood” vs Connor Christian “Feeling Good”


Cam would sound good on this Youngblood, while Connor would sound a lot better on Feeling Good. Cam would win because it’s Cam. A steal could occur if it happened earlier.

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Dave Fenley " I Shot the Sheriff" vs Kameron Marlowe " Stuck on You"


Kameron doesn´t have the gruffness and warmness of Dave´s tone to carry the song like he did, but he would have fared well with it either way. Dave on "ISTS" on the other hand would have probably not worked.


Chris Kroeze " Whipping Post" vs Michael Lee " Burning House"


I think both would have still done well with them.


Jake Hoot "Always Be My Baby" vs Melinda Rodriguez "Cover Me Up"




DeAndre Nico "Yellow" vs Jake Wells "Wanted"

I think DeAndre would have done good with Yellow (although he might have added a bit too many runs), and overall Jake probably could have handled Wanted since it´s not that big of a song.


Rose Short " Tell Me You Love Me" vs Destiny Rayne " Big White Room"


I think Rose would have had no problem with that song. Don´t know about  Destiny. Part of her downfall was clearly atributed to nerves due to being against the opponent she was against.


Desz " Make it Rain" vs Sid Kingsley " Can We Talk"


I think Desz could get down and sing some blues. She has the lows for it. As for Sid, he´d make it work by changing the arrangement and doing his thing.


Joanna Serenko " The Story" vs  Zan Fiskum " Angel from Montgomery"


Zan would have been perfectly fine with "AFM". Don´t know about Joanna, "The Story" was too big for Zan, and unless Joanna has more power that I´m unaware of, the story (lol) could have repeated itself.


Meghan Danielle "Say Something" vs CammWess "Piece by Piece"


Both would have still done well.

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Highlights for S13


Adam Pearce “Superstar” vs Esera  Tuaolo “Either Way”


Adam could do well on this song, since he seems versatile, and I’m not sure how Esera would sound on Chris Stapleton. Adam would probably win this.


Davon Fleming “What’s Going On” vs Eric Lyn “I Can Only Imagine”


Davon would do great with this song and he would still win. Eric wouldn’t be anything special again.


Chloe Kohanski “Wanted Dead or Alive” vs Ashland Craft “Landslide”


Not going to lie, I thought they both got songs that were in the other contestant’s wheelhouse. I would want to see Chloe sing “Wanted Dead or Alive”, but Ashland would probably fit “Landslide” better. Since Chloe went more rock here, Blake would still steal her (he loves classic rockers).


Noah Mac “Sorry” vs Jeremiah Miller “Hold Back the River”


Noah would still win this, since I think it wouldn’t be as good as his real Knockout but much better than Jeremiah’s version. Jeremiah might still struggle on this, so Noah would win.


Keisha Renee “Girl on Fire” vs Kathrina Feigh “I Hope You Dance”


Keisha would sound great on this, as this fits her really well, and it could be one of the best of the round. Kathrina wouldn’t do that well with I Hope You Dance. Keisha would win in a landslide, and this would be a much bigger massacre than IRL


Brooke Simpson “Impossible” vs Stephan Marcellus “A Natural Woman”


This song would not be that good for Brooke, as she won’t be able to show much range here, and Stephan could do well, but knowing what his run was like, I’m not sure if he would flop. If he flops, this would be a montage candidate.


Moriah Formica “Calling All Angels” vs Whitney Fenimore “Behind These Hazel Eyes”


Whitney would struggle with Behind These Hazel Eyes, and this would be a less risky song for Moriah, so she would still take it.


Jon Mero “All of the Stars” vs Dylan Gerard “Blame It on the Boogie”


Dylan singing Blame it on the Boogie seems like a bus, and Jon Mero could sound good on Ed Sheeran, considering he did really well with Bruno Mars two steps down. Jon would win this and would not get montaged.


Adam Pearce “Glitter in the Air” vs Emily Luther “Smoke on the Water” 


I think Adam would take this, since Smoke on the Water doesn’t seem like a good fit for Emily, and Adam has good range so I could see him turning this into a power ballad.


Chris Weaver “Zombie” vs Katrina Rose “I Put a Spell on You”


This would be an interesting performance because it would be interesting to see Chris sing Zombie. Katrina’s I Put a Spell on You seems like a much better fit. I think Katrina would win this. 

Hannah Mrozak “Mercy” vs Anthony Alexander “Love on the Brain”


Anthony would lower the key on this and shine and Hannah would do well, but not as well as LOTB. I think Anthony would still win, considering he won with a hiccup when Hannah was at her A game. Hannah could still get a steal.

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Season 12 highlights


Chris Blue - Chains vs Quizz Swanigan - Superstition

They both would do well but quizz could get a steal here


Hunter Plake - Million Reasons vs Johnny Gates - I Want To Know What Love Is

I smell a steal here


Josh West - Statesboro Blues vs Johnny Hayes - Carry On Wayword Son


these are the only ones where i feel both would get great songs

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9 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


i'm sorry but this has to be the most hilarious thing in this thread :rofl:

It does not fit at all. But this is what happens when you get 2 contestants who are nothing alike and one gets a song that is perfect for them. I’ve only looked at 2 seasons so far so there will be more really weird choices

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Season 15


Tyke James (You Are the Best Thing) vs Keith Paluso (Ring of Fire)


Tyke might be able to pull this off, but I wouldn’t like it. Keith’s would be more boring than his real Knockout. Tyke would still win this, especially considering he beat Keith when he a song that was a much better fit for him.


Kymberli Joye (Cruisin) vs Zaxai (Tennessee Whiskey) vs Natasia Greycloud (The Middle). 

This would still be really good. Natasia would slay The Middle, and I think she would likely stick around with this song choice. Kymberli would also do really well on Cruisin. Zaxai would get the most left field choice, but he could still do well. He might be the one that gets stolen here.


MaKenzie Thomas (Breakeven) vs Mike Parker (How Deep Is Your Love)


This could be a good fit for Mike, and this song would not fit MaKenzie. Mike could win this matchup.


Reagan Strange (I’ll Be There) vs Radha (Dancing on My Own)


Both would do worse with these songs. Reagan is more singer-songwriter and Radha is more Pop/R&B. I think Reagan would still win though, because I really cannot imagine Radha singing Dancing on My Own.


Funsho (Don’t Let Me Down) vs Katrina Cain (Earned It)


Katrina could do much better with this song and Funsho would do worse. I think Katrina would win here


Patrique Fortson (Dangerous Woman) vs SandyRedd (I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing)


SandyRedd could do really well with this, as she has a growl like Steven Tyler. Patrique would do worse, but it could still be good. I think SandyRedd would take this. 

Franc West (Pillowtalk) vs Tyshawn Colquitt (Call Out My Name)


Franc doesn’t have the voice for this song, Tyshawn could pull off The Weeknd. Tyshawn would probably win. 

Abby Cates (There’s Nothing Holding Me Back) vs Claire DeJean (Because of You)


I think both of these singers are similar, so Claire would be much better here as this would be good for her. Abby’s would be like Next to Me a round early. Claire wins, no steal.


Dave Fenley (I Shot the Sheriff) vs Kameron Marlowe (Stuck on You)


I feel like Kameron would give the better performance here. Dave’s would feel novelty, like his T11. Kameron would probably take this. 


Chevel Shepherd (I’d Rather Go Blind) vs Sarah Grace (Travelin Soldier)

I feel like Chevel could pull this one off more, as I think she could pull off blues. I don’t see this as a good fit for Sarah, as it doesn’t show off her artistry. Chevel would win here.


DeAndre Nico (Yellow) vs Jake Wells (Wanted)


DeAndre would still win, as he could pull off this song. Jake could do better with this choice, but it wouldn’t be as good as DeAndre.


Kennedy Holmes (Operator) vs Anthony Arya (What About Us)


Neither song really works for them. I feel like Kennedy would be able to handle her song better, as Anthony could deliver a trainwreck, so she would win this.


Kirk Jay (Lady Marmalade) vs Colton Smith (In Case You Didn’t Know)


Colton could do better on this song, and Kirk’s performance could be weird. It really depends on how they deliver here, since I don’t know.


Steve Memmolo (Praying) vs Delaney Silvernell (Unaware)


Delaney could potentially pull this off, as it does not require as much range, but this could be too big for Steve. Delaney would probably win this Knockout. 


Michael Lee (Burning House) vs Chris Kroeze (Whipping Post)


Chris could do really well with this song, as he has grit in his voice, and Michael could still potentially pull this off. I feel like Chris would win because this performance would be more interesting. 







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2 hours ago, VoiceFan! said:

I know its knockouts but Corey “It Will Rain” & Ryleigh “Lose You to Love Me” would be better with these songs


Now that I've heard them both do the songs, I actually think it was better the way it was, because it required both of them to add their own flair to the song instead of singing something just inside their comfort zone. 

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29 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


Now that I've heard them both do the songs, I actually think it was better the way it was, because it required both of them to add their own flair to the song instead of singing something just inside their comfort zone. 

The same thing happened in their Knockout.


Both sang opposite gender songs against each-other twice. 

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doing S17 in full because no one has yet:


Part 1


Cali Wilson "I Who Have Nothing" vs Marina Chello "Wicked Game"

- I think Marina would win this one because I'm not sure if Cali can handle that song.


Melinda Rodriguez "Cover Me Up" vs Jake Hoot "Always Be My Baby"

- Both performances would probably be bad, unless the arrangements are drastically changed. JMY made "Stay" into a country song so what's stopping Hoot from countrifying Mariah Carey?


Katie Kadan "When The Party's Over" vs Max Boyle "Piece Of My Heart"

- Max's performance would be really bizarre so I think Katie will take this, despite her song choice also being slightly unfitting.


Khalea Lynee "Stay" vs James Violet "Because You Loved Me" 

- I sense a trainwreck from James so I think Khalea will win this.


Kyndal Inskeep "Dancing With A Stranger" vs Jessie Lawrence "Elastic Heart" 

- If Kyndal creates a stripped-down version of her song, she would win.


Ricky Duran "California Dreamin" vs Joana Martinez "She Talks To Angels"

- Both will still be decent, but much worse off than if they had their OG sings. I think it's a toss-up.


Rose Short "Tell Me You Love Me" vs Destiny Rayne "Big White Room"

- Rose would slay and still eat her alive.


Shane Q "The Bones" vs Kiara Brown "In Case You Didn't Know"

- I could see Kiara doing a really pretty, subtle version of this song. "The Bones" just doesn't go anywhere so I think Kiara wins this time around.

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Time to bring this back!


Wendy Moten "I Can See Clearly Now" vs Jonathan Mouton "Ain't No Way"

- lmao Wendy would still eat him alive but not as much


Jershika Maple "Tennessee Whiskey" vs Paris Winningham "Inseparable"

- Both would still do very well and I'm actually curious to hear what they would sound like singing each other's songs


Gymani "Strawberry Wine" vs Kinsey Rose "Pillowtalk"

- I....

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Joshua Vacanti '"Photograph" vs Sabrina Dias "Falling"

- These songs are in the same key even, except that Sabrina wouldny have been able to play drums on "Falling". Joshua would have likely still taken it.

GNT " Superstar vs Holly Forbes " Wichita Lineman"

- Both would have done great. I would have actually preferred if Holly did WL instead of Superstar.  GNT's harmonies would have elevated the dreary song choice though.

Hailey Green "everything I wanted" vs LiBianca " God's Country"

- Disaster here. LiBianca's soft, sultry voice wouldnt have fit the rough nature of GC, and same goes for Hailey, who hits the gas from the get go, and likely wouldnt have been able to adapt to the understated Billie style. Plus she doesnt connect to the song like LiBianca does.

Jeremy Rosado " Falling Slowly" vs Xavier Cornell " Run To You"

-Jeremy would have done good with "FS". He has a strong falsetto to nail those parts, and a strong phrasing. Xavier... that song is clearly out of his element.

Hailey Mia " Oceans" vs TCS " Arcade" 

- Hailey would have likely done fine with Oceans. Song is in her range and she has the tone for it. TCS probably wouldnt have handled "Arcade" well.

BrittanyBree '"Bruises" vs Samuel Harness " Best Part"

- Still would have been a bad choice for BB. She has rasp, but more of the "churchy rasp" than the "gutwrenching ballad rasp''. And Samuel is not an R&B artist, so no to this one.

Ryleigh Plank " Lose You to Love Me" vs David Vogel " Midnight Sky"

- Ryleigh would have been fine, since its still a female pop singer. Had David arranged "MS" acoustically, another hit here. But the original version? Nah.

Lana Scott " Amarillo by Morning" vs Carson Peters " Wildest Dreams"

-No to both.

Shadale "The Best" vs Samara " Impossible"

- Impossible would have actually been a good choice for Samara. Shadale would have done fine with The Best, but people in general should stay away from that song.

Raquel Trinidad " Hold On To Me" vs Katie Rae " Valerie"

- Katie showed a sassy side in her battle, and while she doesnt have the runs that Raquel has, she would have handled it well I feel. She has the tone. Can't imagine Raquel on HOTM.

Jim and Sasha " Golden" vs Manny Keith " Home"

Golden is repetitive AF. Terrible song for a competition, so disaster for anyone. Manny's pop style wouldnt have fit the folky nature of Home.

Jershika Maple " Tennessee Whiskey" vs Paris Winningham " Inseparable"

- Both would have still killed it.

Jonathan Mouton " Aint No Way" vs Wendy Moten " I Can See Clearly Now"

-Wendy would have still won easily, but the KO wouldnt have that much of an impact as her actual one. 

Peedy Chavis " I Swear" vs Berritt Haynes " Unchain My Heart"

-Peedy has sung country in his IG, so he would have likely done well. Berritt's would have been a trainwreck. Joe Cocker didnt work for Peedy, it would be worse for him.

Gymani " Strawberry Wine" vs Kinsey Rose " Pillowtalk

- "I paired Gymani and Kinsey cause I'm an idiot" Kelly Clarkson, 2021.

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