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Grade Season 20 Of The Voice!


Grade Season 20 As A Whole!  

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25 minutes ago, British Man said:

It was great until the final.


We went from one of the best Top 9s to one of the worst Top 5s

The bottom 5 In top 9 we’re my top 5 

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Had the strongest top 9 out of every season I've seen but the top 5 besides Cam/Rachel were...less than desirable at the time.  It was brought down by the shortened format and each coach being forced to have a finalist.  We could have easily had a Cam/Kenzie/Gihanna/Rachel final 4 which would have been pretty great. However, this season had one of my favorite and most consistent winners in Camand Victor performed well in his closer which saved the finale. 

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Insanely good season for me


The results weren't the ideal one for me, but I'm so glad to have known such talents to the point I didn't cared much about the results ngl (I was actually okay for Kenzie to win it last night LMAO but America agreed with us it seems!). At the end of the day, my main goal was to find the artists to look up to. 


this is probably biased though since I've got the chance to chat with many of them 😂

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