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Favorite block audition of season 20



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  1. 1. who was your favorite block audition of season 20

    • Jenzie Wheels
    • Cam Anthony
    • Gean Garcia
    • Ciana Pelekai

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Vocally, Cam takes this and it's not close. Personally, my ranking of them would go Cam > Ciana > Gean > Kenzie (but I like all four, so...)


Effective use of the block 100% goes to Kelly for Jenzie - neither Nick nor Blake got the artist they used their block for and Ciana defaulted to John's team so that doesn't count.

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Cam > Gean > Kenzie > Ciana.

The first 3 were definitely good uses of a block. Kenzie was probably the smartest block overall because I'm pretty sure no one else would've had a chance, but we all know Cam was the best performance out of these 4, right?

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