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Rank the Battles (Part 3)


Rank the battles Part 3  

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  1. 1. Favorite Battle

    • Carter vs Larriah- "Like I'm Gonna Lose You"
    • Ian vs Aaron - "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
    • Casme vs Rio- "You're All I Need to Get By"
    • Marisa vs Ryan G - "I Surrender"
    • Ryan B vs Liam - "I Need a Dollar"
    • Cami vs James " Wicked Game"

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1. Marisa vs Ryan G - As talented of a vocalist as Ryan is, this wasn't a contest. Marisa dominated the song. We know Ryan can do those full opera upper belts like he did in this audition and I'm surprised he didn't deliver the same power here.


2. Cami vs James - The arrangement of this has actually grown on me. While I prefer Cami's tone, it's hard to deny what James did. I don't think his voice faltered for even a second.


3. Carter vs Larriah - This was a surprise! I didn't expect the battle to be this good. It's even but I preferred Larriah.


4. Ryan B vs Liam - Good battle as well. After rewatching this, I realize I like Ryan's tone better than Liam's. He also did better vocally, I think.


5. Casme vs Rio - Decent, but not my cup of tea. Casme's stage prescence is infectious but I thought Rio's voice fit the song better.


6. Ian vs Aaron - I think John's comment perfectly sums it up. Ian's identity is clear, Aaron's isn't.

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My winners are on the left side.



6. Ian Flanigan vs. Aaron Scott

5. Rio Souma vs. Casme


Terrible arrangement
4. James Pyle vs. Cami Clune


Surprisingly decent
3. Ryan Berg vs. Liam St. John

2. Carter Rubin vs. Larriah Jackson

This one's a keeper

1. Ryan Gallagher vs. Marisa Corvo

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Winners on the left.


1. Marisa vs Ryan G. (Marisa absolutely killed this)


Really good

2. Cami vs James (Both were great, even if I don’t really care for the arrangement)

3. Larriah vs Carter (Props to them for making me enjoy this song)


Decent enough

4. Ryan B. vs Liam
5. Casme vs Rio 

6. Ian vs Aaron (It was better than expected but it was somewhat boring)

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1. Casme vs. Rio - "You're All I Need to Get By" (I enjoyed both of them, though!)
2. Cami vs. James - "Wicked Game"
3. Carter vs. Larriah - "Like I'm Gonna Lose You"
4. Ryan B vs. Liam - "I Need a Dollar" (Again, I enjoyed both.)
5. Marisa vs. Ryan G - "I Surrender"
6. Ian vs. Aaron - "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

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  1. Marisa vs. Ryan G.: holy [EXPLETIVE], she nailed that; Ryan was decent too but if he'd had the same power he'd had at his blinds I think he'd have been even better. Also slamming on the tinfoil hat to say that if even one of the other coaches had voiced the opinion that Ryan had won the battle, Kelly would've picked him over Marisa and sent her into the 4-way KO.
  2. Carter vs. Larriah: both of them were super polished and though I'm happy Carter won, I do think Gwen should've picked Larriah over him. Also that friendship is the cutest thing on the planet, bye.
  3. Cami vs. James: Great song choice, "ehh" arrangement, dope harmonies - I just wish each of them had gotten a bit more chance to shine individually. Definitely a well-deserved steal on James' part though.
  4. Liam vs. Ryan B.: Both of them did better than I expected and the song choice fit both well; I'm not mad Ryan B. moved on, but I was more interested in Liam's vibes.
  5. Casme vs. Rio: Casme has that "it" factor that makes people pay attention, and though both were good voices and I loved the song choice for them I thought Rio was slightly underwhelming.
  6. Ian vs. Aaron: probably the most lop-sided of the night vocally; Aaron has power and range on his side but Ian's gravelly low tone overpowered him and makes him more interesting in my book. Definitely not a bad battle, though - if it'd been more balanced between both artists vocally I'd honestly move this up a notch since I liked Aaron when I could hear him.
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1- Ryan Gallagher VS Marisa Corvo _ Both did an AMAZING Job. Marisa was more rangier but I prefer Ryan's more controlled notes. Ryan had some amazing parts which were so pure gold. His TONE is so butter. Marisa did GREAT as well and she hit some powerful notes but I wanted more precision from her.(Maybe it's because I was comparing her high notes with Billy's and he destroyed that so maybe that's why I'm not that impressed with her approach.) 


2- Carter Rubin VS Larriah Jackson _ That was dead even. Larriah showed more range but Carter also did an Amazing he has a nice control over his voice and damn I didn't know he had those riffs and runs. Overall an even battle but I like Carter's TONE more that's why I would definitely go with Carter.


3- Cami VS James _ Cami is a QUEEN but that song didn't allow her amazing voice to soar completely. James also wasn't able to show who he truly is. If I have to pick one I would go with Cami.


4- Rio VS Casme _ I surprisingly liked THAT. Both had some real great moments but I would lean it a bit more towards Rio.


5- Liam St. John VS Ryan Berg _ That song was more in Ryan's wheel-house but man Liam actually did better than him. Those Growly notes were so Amazing, he has stage presence for days. I think he should've gotten stolen.


6- Ian Flanigan VS Aaron Scott _ Ian surprised me a bit, I really loved his take on the song. But Sawyer's battle still remains supreme for me.

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1. Marisa Corvo (9.5) vs. Ryan Gallagher (8.5) - Marisa absolutely ANNIHILATED that holy crap. Ryan did surprisingly well. It felt a bit one-sided because it was obviously made for Marisa, but damn. She really did THAT.

2. Carter Rubin (8) vs. Larriah Jackson (9) - The growth from both of their auditions was phenomenal! Carter's delivery here was a nice surprise, but Larriah was absolutely stunning. I get the KO has seemed like Ryan vs. Taryn for a while now, but if Larriah pulls off a great performance, she could be a real threat!

3. Casme (8.5) vs. Rio Souma (8.5) - What a solid performance from the two! Everything felt very balanced and I'm very pleased with how this one turned out.

4. Cami Clune (8.5) vs. James Pyle (8.5) - Both very strong, leaning Cami by a hair. The arrangement was so ugh though. This could've easily been ranked higher but they shouldn't have messed with the arrangement to the degree that they did.

5. Ryan Berg (8) vs. Liam St. John (8.5) - Ryan did fine here, but it since the song is so linear (as Gwen said), I think Liam had the more interesting performance. On a technical level, Ryan probably did better, but the overall quality of Liam's performance was much better. Disappointed to see Liam go home.

6. Ian Flanigan (8) vs. Aaron Scott (7) - Yeah... this battle was more built for Ian. It was pleasant enough to watch but I wouldn't have minded this being montaged. I'm glad this got airtime instead of Ben/Sam though!

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Another great night of battles! There wasn't any that I didn't like at least a little bit. If only we could have seen Tori vs Van.


1. Marisa vs Ryan: I live for big, bombastic, dramatic numbers and this performance was everything! Props to Ryan for navigating through this song in his register, despite his sorta weak opening, but Marisa was just wow. She totally upstaged him.

2. Carter vs Larriah: As sick as I am of hearing this song, I must admit they did amazing with it. Larriah was a real revelation here for sure, and she should have won this battle. Carter was good too, but I don't feel the emotion or connection when he was singing as much as when Larriah was. Also I found his stage movements rather rehearsed, but I'm not gonna hold that against him since he's still young. 

3. Casme vs Rio: Casme is so underrated it's not even funny. She's a terrific performer and has a solid voice to back it up too, and yet she's not getting half the attention she deserves. Rio kept up well too. Overall just a fantastically even battle.

4. Aaron vs Ian: Ian won this from the first note. His voice has a real presence and just commands attention. Aaron was ok, but his higher harmony was a little rough. I do agree with John that it didn't really show that he has an identity yet.

5. Cami vs James: Compared with the rest of the night's performances, this was a questionable ender. Vocally, James excited me more. Cami has been a little on the nose with her song choices and how she sings them so far, though I know she had no say in this one. My main gripe is with the arrangement. I like the idea of it and the instrumental, but there was wayyyy too many harmonies and too few solo moments. They didn't even throw in any adlib around the end, it was just harmony, then pause, then harmony again.

6. Liam vs Ryan: Ryan has the better voice for me, but Liam gave a better performance. The battle started cool and then got a bit repetitive though, but that's probably the song. Still, I don't really mind who stays or who goes. Dominic and Trey did it better imo. I'd have preferred it if they montaged this one instead of Tori vs Van.




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I´ve got to say, even though they weren´t my favorite last light, props to Carter and Larriah. These youngsters outsang several of the adults in the competition, and they seem to have the maturity to handle this competition based on what they did last night. 

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