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I love both Keesha and Ian but Ian would be a smart move for Cody. Dude can play well at comps and has a decent social game too from what I remember.

The obvious choice would be Christmas since she's already got a cash prize and he could use that as an excuse. 

I can deal with Xmas/Ian nominations... 

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Yeah it's been confirmed that Janelle and Kaysar were the only ones to participate in the comp. Shocked Keesha didn't play. Apparently Kaysar killed the comp though so Keesha would've been 100% screwed if she played and lost. At least she has an argument and can pretend that she trusts Cody so she didn't play to convince him not to nominate her.

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2 minutes ago, Solaris said:

Janie with the week 1 safety, via Kaysar proxy!


Do we know what the punishment is for not playing?

No punishment! You can only play one in the first three weeks so you have to choose which week is most advantageous to play.

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Just now, *Lily said:

Cody throwing out Kevin as the second name, I hate it here!


Lol my slight optimism for Cody being HOH lasted about 10 minutes  :wub:

I never expected a good outcome. LOL. Cody is a new school player and doesn’t have connections to those from seasons before his.

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