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Nicole F and Dani whispering, they're definitely tight. They're over everyone fangirling over Janelle & Kaysar. Dani wants to work with Da'Vonne and Nicole F wants to squash the beef. They also like Keesha and Memphis. They didn't want Nicole A to win HOH because they ghosted her when she reached out to them to interview them for her podcast lol. They say Tyler's totally freaking out with his crew shockingly not here.

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I really wanna get feeds this year because due to the pandemic I finally would have some time to check them out. :haha: I just don’t know the best way to do it outside the US :( I’ve seen people have managed to do it and idk if there’s an easy way, but if by any chance anyone knows of a way to do it please PM me!! ❤️ 

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