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2 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Kaysar: And no offense to Cody, but he doesn't have a Derrick here to help him strategize.


King calling it like it is. 

Cody’s legacy will forever be tied to Derrick doing all the work and bringing Cody along with him. :dead: 

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Those Keesha gifs. :rofl:perf :wub:


I am happy that Janelle and Kaysar are safe but that probably means Keesha will be out first. :( Dang. I am just hoping that target will shift from her if she stays on the block after POV, but if she  is against Kevin, I doubt she will survive. 💔 Ugh I knew right away that Cody’s HoH is going to be horrible. Glad to see Day and Janelle want to work together though, but I need Janelle to be woke about Dani as she wants her out. Love that a lot of people are on to Nicole F already, though.

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5 hours ago, Elliott said:

Aren't he and Da'Vonne really good friends irl?

Yeah Paulie’s close with both Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and I think he probably spoke to him about working with them both. Just hoping he sticks to it!

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