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  1. *Laci

    Taylor Swift

    I wish it would become a single!
  2. *Laci

    Netflix Thread

    Anyone else watching Outer Banks?
  3. *Laci

    Taylor Swift

    Corneila Street is magic!
  4. Wow I'm legit surprised. Yay Sam! Curious about how the season would've panned out sans virus....
  5. True, but I'm still bitter from the season during my teens lol.
  6. I like Sam but I'm so sick of this song. ETA. She slayed it. I'm just bored of the song in general lol.
  7. Yeah it's a sausage fest again this year. ::shocked::
  8. I need like a super fast season review lol. -- Who has IDF perched and what is the consensus about the contestants here? I need the tea.
  9. It just didn't feel right not to be on here during an Idol finale.
  10. Long time no post. I haven't really watched much at all this season (a first.) Tuning in for the finale...and its ummm...interesting.
  11. I don't have anything insightful to add, but just wanted to send good vibes and love to everyone. I would appreciate the same! I got laid off from my job after almost being with the company for almost 5 years (September). I'm trying to keep my head up but it's frustrating when people who worked there less than six months in a similar position got to keep theirs. ::sigh:: I will likely use this time to revaluate my next career move, possibly try to take some online courses and work towards getting my masters. I feel like a failure at almost 30. I'm in constant worry over my aunt and uncle (they raised me) who are in their 70s who aren't really taking this as seriously as they should, basically no one in my family really is. P.S. We need another Soap Box type thread, especially during all of this uncertainty. My anxiety and depression have been all over the place lately.
  12. Trying not to let my anxiety get the best of me during all of this. Sending love and good vibes to everyone during this time of uncertainty. Yesterday, the U.S. had its largest spike in deaths. I'm afraid of what the numbers will be the rest of the week. People in my town aren't taking the advice too seriously. I just wish we would have a lockdown already before it gets worse.
  13. Stay safe everyone! It's not a fun time to be showing similar symptoms!
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