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  1. I voted for her. She's so precious Niki! Hope you're doing better!
  2. Doing the Lord's work. Thanks!!!!
  3. *Laci

    Taylor Swift

    I loved it! What are everyone else's thoughts?
  4. *Laci

    NFL Thread

    Let's go KC! (I'm honestly just hoping for a good game.) Ready for JLO and Shakira!
  5. *Laci

    Taylor Swift

    Can't wait to watch the doc this weekend!
  6. Demi did really, really well! I loved the song!
  7. Agreed. I've seen both groups perform better, still cool to see again nonetheless. Nice to honor Kobe with the jersey. It looked like Steven Tyler had purple and gold scarfs around his mic too.
  8. I used to loath Billie, but I've become a fan overtime. Her tone is so haunting.
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