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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0


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1. Kristi Yamaguchi


What's Her Secret: Kristi Yamaguchi - Health Diet Fitness - Livingly


Public: 1/20

Dee: 1/20

Derek: 1/20

Diana: 1/20

Rei: 1/20

Wally: 1/20

Andrew: 2/20
Elliott: 3/20




Queen Kristi Yamaguchi is the winner of this rankdown and it wasn't even particularly close. Even with her not being a SYTYCD contestant, a surprise #1 ranking from everyone easily gave Kristi the win. And what a deserving winner she is!  Kristi was a force to be reckoned with during all the DWTS rankdowns. I know she won the DWTS rankdown I thought she would get tanked as a result, but that didn't stop me from giving Kristi a high ranking again and allowing her to in this rankdown. Any time we have a rankdown, I will give her a high ranking because she is one of my all-time favorites. Kristi gave one of the most dominant winners' rankdowns this forum has seen. I won't reveal everyone's individual public ranking because... actually, you know what??? Why not. What are you going to do, sue me? My name isn't even Amanda. I've been in witness protection ever since I murdered someone for saying they thought Chelsie was overrated. Anyway, the most interesting public ranking was from Victoria, who said that she really really hopes Kristi doesn't win the rankdown but then gave her a #1 score anyway.




The icon. The legend. 


Kristi Yamaguchi. My pick for the winner of SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0. I AM SPEAKING THIS INTO EXISTENCE.




Will anybody ever eliminate Kristi Yamaguchi? I don't think so, especially because she's not a SYTYCD contestant. Current reigning double DWTS Rankdown Champion. Kristi is unstoppable. :wub:


My favorite reality contestant of all-time. Watch her win this rankdown too. That would be iconic! I know that people will tank her to avoid that possibility, but I would literally die if she won three times in a row. 


Actually, I deleted the rest of Dee's essay because it crashed my computer lol

- Amanda





Let me try to set the scene for you a bit. The year is 2020. It's my first rankdown. I'm asking my Ouija board how to do the rankings since that's how I made every decision in this game. Suddenly, the spirits tell me: Kristi must be my #1. So that's what I did and Amanda just accepted it. 





I had a dream that Kristi Yamaguchi kidnapped my family and then stole all my DVDs of Southland. I'm honestly terrified of her. I woke up with her name at the top of my SYTYCD rankings so I just left it there. Spooky.






Kristi is an ice skater and of course we all know Kristi is a beyond loved and iconic contestant. Since she won DWTS rankdown, and she's not a SYTYCD dancer, I am not expecting her to win it again even though she is arguably one of the most loved dancers on here and deservingly so. Personally for myself, I am strategic ranking Kristi much lower than I usually would - giving her the #1 ranking. Reason being, to help out SYTYCD contestants that have never been in this Top 20 and give them a better shot.


Kristi is such the ultimate iconic reality show contestant. She was on and DOMINATED all the DWTS rankdowns, owning the competition like whoa and becoming one of the most deserved winners ever. Gosh nearly all of her dances were sooo amazing.  But I also feel it would be predictable so I will rank her a little lower to make that harder to achieve by giving her my #1 spot. I think that's totally fair placement. Totally fair. F a i r. If you don't agree then you can hush. HUSH


Best of luck to Kristi for this rankdown where I do expect a high ranking for her, but not because of my ranking, mostly everyone else.




Again, Kristi is someone I can see winning if people don't tank her, but I expect they will. In fact, I've ranked her 2nd solely because I think a lot of people will rank her higher but maybe she'll Kristi Yamaguichi and end up winning all rankdowns for the rest of time. But, it goes without saying that Kristi is one of the best contestants and would make a worthy winner in of any rankdown, even if she wasn't on the show. I'm sure my husband will totally tank her because he hates Kristi more than anything in the world and sometimes just sits outside yelling "TIFFANY" and "KRISTI" into the night. I'm honestly scared sometimes but we have to live up here in Canada to avoid Amanda.




I really like Kristi, but I’m expecting to be the ranker who ranks her the lowest. It took me a while to like her - and it was mostly attributed to Dancing With the Stars Rankdowns - because I didn’t care much for her first DWTS rankdown run. Anyway, she ultimately won the next two DWTS rankdowns. I was fine with but I would’ve had her win the first DWTS rankdown as well. There’s not really much more to say, and I assume Dee’s #extra ass will have embedded all of her routines in his write-up.


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In all seriousness, thank you so much Amanda for coordinating an amazing game and for letting me be a part of it. It was a real pleasure to get to know everyone, and I hope I added something to the experience besides crushing Wally's dreams. This is the most special show in the world to me, and it's been so great to spend time with people who know and care as much about it as I do. I hope to stay involved on IDF!

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Also I’m glad Andrelliott ranking Lacey 12th didn’t ruin her chances because she deserves it!!! Honesty, all three Rankdown winners have been some of my personal favourites, so good job IDF.


And thank you Amanda for putting up with Elliott and I shading your favourites all Rankdown! :wub:

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