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Best performance of KO 1 poll



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    • Josh
    • Ashley
    • Anya
    • Kyle
    • Nathan
    • Val
    • Asher
    • Tae
    • Serenity
    • Dani
    • Frank
    • Olivia

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Performances of the season

1. Anya

2. Asher


Absolutely killed it

3. Val

4. Nathan

5. Olivia

6. Tae

7. Frank

Really good

8. Dani

9. Kyle

10. Ashley



11. Serenity

12. Josh

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(Can’t decide which one I prefer yet, but both were outstanding)

1/2. Asher

2/1. Nathan


(These were all very good)

3. Anya

4. Tae

5. Val

6. Josh


(All good, but had some flaws here and there)

7. Olivia

8. Frank

9. Ashley

10. Serenity

11. Kyle (sorry y’all)


(Really boring, she is so much better than this)

12. Dani

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1. Anya: Slayage

2. Asher: He is a vocal beast

3. Kyle: I adore his tone

4. Nathan: Killer vocalist

5. Tae: Skilled vocalist 

6. Olivia: I loved her tone on this song

7. Josh: Not my type of artist but he is really good

8. Frank: Solid vocals

9. Ashley: Pretty decent

10. Val: Dissapointing 

11. Dani: Also dissapointing

12. Serenity: She is getting worse instead of improving, what is happening?

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  1. Asher - killed it
  2. Anya - beautiful performance
  3. Nathan - this was really fun and great vocals
  4. Tae - Asher won but he held his own
  5. Frank - should've won
  6. Kyle - still kinda unconvinced, but I can see why people like him (I actually like this song btw)
  7. Val - she's a great vocalist but this wasn't her best, belts sounded strained imo
  8. Olivia - didn't really care for this...
  9. Ashley - forgettable
  10. Josh - not impressed
  11. Dani - on paper this sounded so good
  12. Serenity - nope
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1. Val T. Webb - I love her song choice for her! She crushed her performance to high heavens and gave the best performance of the season and her best performance of the night. I loved everything she did with the song and she was pitch perfect and flawless through the whole song. She deserved to be in the finale. Her performance reminded me of Wendy's knockout. John made a mistake here. He could have gotten her into the finale the same way he got Jershika into the finale.


2. Asher HaVon - Perfect song for Asher and this was the best cover of this song I've heard so far. Perfect way for Asher to have a breakout moment and giving us everything. This was his best performance.


3. Josh Sanders - I love his tone! He reminds me of Travis Tritt with a bigger range. He's also right up there with Adam Wakefield, Jake Hoot, and Sundance Head. Perfect song to give him a big moment. Also loved the long note he went for at the end. I wouldn't be shocked if he won the show.


4. Anya True - This was honestly Anya's best performance to date. That was really magical and I felt so connected with her and the song. She's really growing and living up to her potential. She deserves to be in the top 12.


5. Olivia Rubini - This was a stunning performance and she picked a great song choice. Beautiful job!


6. Nathan Chester - I love this song choice for Nathan! It was right in his wheelhouse and he delivered that stunningly. 


7. Tae Lewis - This dude is fantastic. His style reminds me of Darius Rucker in a way and I would love for him to do one of his songs. Loved his performance as well.


8. Frank Garcia - I don't know this song well as I don't listen to this type of music, but I loved what I heard. It was a bit strange at first but it was stunning. I loved the opera sound in his tone and his vibrato.


9. Kyle Schuesler - This was a great song for him and he did an amazing job with it beautifully,


10. Serenity Arce - She chose a great song and she delivered it emotionally. I do want more vocals from her that she showed in the blinds and battles but still fantastic. 


11. Dani Stacy - I love her tone and style, but this was the wrong song for her. She did great with what she got. I would have preferred her singing R&B songs which is her genre. This also wasn't her best vocally either. 


12. Ashley Bryant - She has a great voice and this was her best song choice so far, It was very good but she needed to take more risks. At least she didn't attempt Carrie, Kelly, or Celine in the knockouts. 

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No crumbs, your honor

1. Asher (Fully expected to place him high on my list tonight, and pleasantly surprised he topped it - the range and tone on this guy, y’all, geez)

2. Anya (Gorgeous and well done even though I was unfamiliar with the song - a pleasant surprise)


Solid and should’ve advanced

3. Nathan (I dig his retro-soul thing and he does it very, very well)

4. Val (I would’ve picked Nathan over her, too, but she did well too and I would’ve liked to see her move on)

5. Frank (Not me looking at D+S and going “yo what the hell” - even though he wouldn’t be a Minivan favorite by any stretch of the imagination, he delivered solid performances in all three rounds so he should be very proud of his run on the show for that reason)

6. Kyle (I love his tone and his general vibe, and while I loved the song choice for him & it’s my favorite version that’s been done on the show, I would’ve liked something a touch fresher for the KOs…might’ve picked Frank or Val over him for a steal but considering he did well with something in his wheelhouse I can’t say he didn’t earn it)


Decent, I just preferred others more 

7. Tae (His biggest obstacle was being pitted against Asher, tbh - he did just fine, but again, might have stolen others over him in the coaches’ shoes)

8. Josh (He’s fine, as far as country guys go, I’d just prefer to see him do something that lends to a bit more range & soul because I can hear tinges of it in the background of his voice when he’s singing)

9. Olivia (After a re-watch when I was less annoyed about Frank’s loss, I would honestly say this was fine? She definitely has more of a traditional Minivan appeal than Frank does, so I get it, but I just found him more interesting than her)

Of all the knockouts, these were some of them

10. Ashley (Much prefer this over big belt-filled stuff for her, but needed a little more risk taking within the song)

11. Dani (Really disappointed to put her this low - I enjoyed the creativity she showed in her blind audition, which seemed mostly absent here)

12. Serenity (Good emotional delivery, but otherwise felt like a step back in comparison to her performances in previous rounds)

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This was a really good night overall. Asher and Anya of course did great. Val was my overall favorite though. She picked an amazing song and totally made it her own. I also thought Olivia, Josh, and Dani did really good jobs. I don't really understand all the hate Dani got, I thought she was way better than Serenity. 

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My girlies really stepped up to the game 😍

1. Anya True

2. Olivia Rubini


Amazing 🤩

3. Asher Havon

4. Nathan Chester

5. Kyle Schuesler

6. Val T Webb


Country bois (but i still liked them?) 🤠

7. Tae Lewis

8. Josh Sanders


The rest (they weren't bad tho)

9. Frank Garcia (he has power but its not my cup of tea ok?)

10. Ashley Bryant (it was cute but i didn't find anything memorable about this performance)

11. Serenity Arce (her age is showing off more and more... i hope she will bounce back to her BA level or surpass it in the Playoffs)

12. Dani Stacy (i was so shocked that she actually went home like what? after that blind audition? But that song choice blew in her face unfortunately :( )

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