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Favorite Kelly Memories (S14-21, 23)


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21 minutes ago, Mathacoo200315 said:

Looks like her exit was just glossed over since her season was the same as Blake’s exit… feel free to share favorite Kelly memories/members/GIFs, etc to celebrate her time on the show 😢 

she literally said during one of her lives that the earliest she would return is 2025 so i think she will be back

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Ryley saying kelly i'm gay and kelly being super excited


Kelly's reaction to chevel, sandyredd, jej and rebecca picking her


Every Kelly and Blake interaction


Justin's audition in S14 like the whole coaches banter and Kelly saying "that was the lord saying pick kelly"


I didnt rly like her S17 cuz I thought she had a weak team and was too energetic and still won, but S15 and S21 were peak Kelly

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1 hour ago, Misirlou said:

She used to bounce in her seat a lot in her first couple of seasons when she liked what she was hearing, which I found pretty adorable. She still kept her enthusiasm in the rest of her seasons but never really did that again I think.

OMG I missed that lol

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1. Kelly handing out her signature team jackets.

2. Every time she said the word “navigate”, 🥂 would happen between Ari and Blake.

3. Kelly hiding herself behind her hair. It always reminded me of AGT when Heidi Klum sometimes uses her fingers as binoculars. (Speaking of AGT, I remember when she was a guest judge in the first week of quarterfinals in AGT S15. She was filling in for Simon, who got injured right before the Live Shows that season.)

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The way she responded to practically ALL of Kyla Jade's performances - especially "You Don't Own Me" and "One Night Only." Tons of golden facial expressions, like this:




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