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  1. Sorry I’m a bit late, but I saw earlier that Avery posted a country remix cover of an xxxtentacion song on both his TikTok and his IGTV if y’all want to go check it out! This actually kept me thinking of my favorite act from America’s Got Talent Season 14, Benicio Bryant, when he actually covered some xxxtentacion songs himself (since he is a pop singer) on his TikTok, but I enjoy Avery’s country remix of the song, and I hope y’all do too!
  2. Avery just posted a clip of his original song β€œAlive” on both his Instagram and his TikTok if y’all want to hear it. To me, this was a BEAUTIFUL original song, and I think this 100% deserves to be taken to the studio!
  3. Hi… sorry, I was a bit inactive before… I am just leaving choir rehearsal now While I was away, Avery posted a cover of Cowboy like me by Cody Johnson if y’all want to go check it out.
  4. Hi… I just watched Laney’s recent TikTok… Sadly, it is confirmed that Avery and Laney split I am SO and VERY sorry for both of them, and I know this must have been very hard for them
  5. When I watched the first look video for Season 21, I saw some artists auditioning for the show, and I found out one of them was Tony Aaron (even though he didn’t appear later on in the show)… just in case y’all forgot.
  6. Good (and bad) news just came around. The good news: Avery finally just posted about his NITC concert this past Friday! The not-so-good news: We still got no explanation about what happened with him and Laney this week. Whatever it is, I feel VERY sorry for both of them.
  7. I saw both removed some of their TikToks involving one another, Avery removed some of his posts (with Laney in them), and Laney cleared her IG profile, saying β€œi deleted everything off my profile for a reason”.
  8. A little birdie told me that Tony Aaron appeared in the first look video that The Voice just put out on IGTV (look at about 0:40 of the video, and he might be there!)
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