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Worst format?


Worst season format?  

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  1. 1. Which season had the worst format?

    • S23
    • S16
    • COVID Seasons

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Yeah, the Covid season was really bad for both singing shows but at least that was something that happened out of anyone’s control. They had to make the best of it and finish the season the only way they could. 

This season’s format is just terrible. I can’t tell if it was done this way because of budget constraints (I’d imagine not since they could afford to bring Kelly back/hire new coaches) or because TPTB really wanted to control the results. You can’t have a show where the audience is supposed to make the calls and then only have two voting episodes all season. It does make the season feel like one last thrown-together obligatory Blake Victory so they can move on to next season with Reba. I’m sure we’ll get a better format then. 

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S23. I already hated the PO pass, and the prerecorded Playoffs + 20 -> 8 cut, but now they also only let people vote for one contestant in Semis with a 5 minute window, which really put the early performers at a disadvantage. TPTB got way too much control this season, and I felt that the results would have been different had contestants performed in a different order.

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S13>>>>>>>>>>>Covid Seasons>S16


while s16 was annoying with the lack of team quotas with a country heavy season, there was still voting the entire season. The covid seasons were too predictable with 1 PV per team. For this season, an artist could have technically placed 6th without receiving a PV once and was just brought there by their coach.


looking back S16 could have potential but the covid seasons and especially this seasons format should never been done again.



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iirc they were allowed one take and had to submit it and i imagine they were monitored on that so it’s not as if they could just record a bunch of times and submit their best


additionally fwiw, allegra said she was given her song and had to learn it overnight then perform first thing in the morning lol (i think they weren’t able to clear river, i’ve always assumed joni but perhaps leon bridges? don’t see bishop at all lol) so again not a breeze for the contestants, at least some of them 

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