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Performances which has good stage presence.


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5 minutes ago, erik g said:

Although it was short, this 110% deserves a mention. 



For those who can't see, it's Eric Who's Knockout. 

The way I would sell both my kidneys to see this in full 😩


even if the performance was a mess outside of the snippet it would've been a damn entertaining mess at the very least

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Way less flashy and epic as the performances linked already, but I have always loved this one. The way she commands the stage from the start (when Kelly says, "Hand on the hip!") is amazing. She really showed how you don't have to move around the stage a lot to absolutely command it. And then the hair toss at the end 🤩



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Ooh, yeah, and then these two - you can't sing "Can We Talk" without putting your whole body into it lol.


Both of these had great stage presence in my opinion - so much flirtation from them both. I especially love Justin's goofy hand gestures and interaction with the other contestants and coaches (especially when he basically propositions Camila); it's so charming. I also love the way Desz tosses her hair and moves her hips while she's touching her hat; it's just spectacular, she's so graceful.




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