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Best Duo/Trios on the Voice


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Honestly, GNT is the first group I´ve really liked on the show. And not that I have anything against groups, it´s just that the others didn´t really click with me as a whole.


I didn´t enjoy The Joy Reunion on the show, but their off-show material is great, so I guess that counts. I liked The Bundys´s battle too, controversial at it was. 

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I remember being somewhat bitter when Whitney & Shannon were eliminated back on S11. I was very into their tones and harmonies and liked all of their 3 performances on the show. To this day their Landslide cover still beats Chloe's for me (even tho Chloe was amazing and crushed hers too)


After them, GNT was the only group that I was able to enjoy

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The Bundys did well in their battle despite the controversial pairing. They flopped the next round though. Midas Whale were fun and enjoyable as well and Dawn and Hawkes were decent

I feel like a lot of old seasons (specifically within the first 6) used to have a lot more groups, though most didn’t go far.

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3 hours ago, Mistake006 said:

people forget how amazing their battle & KO were

Wasn’t super crazy about their battle (it was fine, just not an overall “wow” for me) but their KO was excellent.


They’ve improved a ton in their time since the show, so props to them (especially bc Lord knows 13/14 year old me would’ve had an anxiety attack if I had to sing in front of people).

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