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  1. You're such a unique character let me tell you man, for this to be moved to the politics thread, your redo must be deleted since there's no one here interested in that and there's no redux. In other words this thread is exactly where it should be, race can be and should be discussed from a non political perspective.
  2. This has nothing to do with my favorite not winning lol, Katie wasn't even my favorite. And thank God us both don't have the same thinking. That is my unbiased opinion wheter you accept it or not.
  3. I honestly think JHud was more into MaKenzie than Kennedy. I don't why I always feel like this but I find John so fake lol, he's bland towards his artists even Maelyn and Katie. He shows no personal connection with them, just uses 'fine' phrasing to talk to them. I hate John as a coach tbh, as a singer he's amazing.
  4. I've noticed this too, she's super strategic and tbh as long as she keeps those sentimental favorites she's good for me as my chosen ones never win or are far from being the typical right away front runner
  5. It's not like I am an huge fan of his but this pop up on my YT page and it's from 2h ago so tought of posting it here kqfV34VrQDI
  6. Same. Unpopular opinions incoming, also I still vibe with a few battles so I'll just put them. 1. Rose Short - Big White Room 2. Katie Kadan - Always Remember Us This Way 3. Jake Haldenvang - Wish I Knew You 4. Rose Short - I Want To Know What Love Is 5. Rose Short - I Turn To You 6. Rose Short - Preach 7. Rose Short - God's Country 8. Joana Martinez & Matthew - High Hopes 9. Royce Lovett - 911 10. Royce Lovett & Kiara Brown - Turn Your Lights Down Low 11. Khalea Lynee - Because You Loved Me 12. Jake Hoot & Steve - Always On My Mind 13. Ricky Duran - Let It Be Honestly despite it's outcome, this season has give me a lot of great performances. I tried my best not to include all of Rose's performances on this btw
  7. Maelyn is chatting with The Rose Short on IG live, enjoy eta: it's over now but they were really vibing with each other
  8. From thevoicewardrobe's IG Group 1 Max, Will, Shane and Alex Group 2 Cali, Kat, Marybeth and Gracee Group 3 Joana, Myracle and HS
  9. Actually group performances on finale night are only forgettable if you don't enjoy them. I still play around Good as Hell by Mari and Kim from S16. The others, yep didn't like it, pretty forgettable for me aswell. These are funny times!
  10. I know right? I have to thank TPTB for being nice and not bringing Grace Shriver and Brennan for the finale
  11. This. I'm done being unrealistic lol I've lost too many snowflakes before the finale (most of them are black females) so I'm thrilled and fine with them getting to the finale, Rose did amazing last night and there's nothing that can deny it.
  12. i'm probably alone in this one, but I liked this performance, so much chemistry between these two. I hadn't seen such a real connection between a coach and a contestant since Miley and Janice back in S13.
  13. it doesn't matter tho. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. The real deal for them is after the voice. So support her after don't thank me your loss!
  14. The solution is listen to it over and over again until it connects :flowers:
  15. I have no doubts that is what happened, and the best performance of the night is about to happen :icecream:
  16. This post is so biased I love it, not any teens on the finale am I right :icecream: Come on, whenever I don't have a snowflake on a finale (and that happens all the time lol) I can still review that finale based on facts. This is far from being one of the worst finale edit: if you're talking about song choices I'll close my mouth right now!
  17. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/tel...r-yolanda-adams here's the link If this is true I'm just having the time of my life right now, Yolanda is one of my favorites and the best gospel performer out there and mix her up with Rose :w00t:
  18. you're on the internet, people will ALWAYS complain about something. For me I really don't care about the outcome, I'm just here to enjoy my #1 kill three songs, were those my top picks? Obv no but she will kill it and I know I'll be replaying them for a long time and that's all I care about at this point. Sorry but I'm too lazy to care enough if the other's song set was good or bad.
  19. Whatever makes her feel and sound good o:)
  20. oh no... here I go again, last time I had a snowflake on the finale she was bussed by a big train and now this. I know Rose isn't winning but I want her on her best
  21. Just wait and watch her making that Elton John song a showstopper, I'm hopeful
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