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What advice would YOU give to the individual members of the Top 13 for your next performances?


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Wendy: Your better then everyone including the coaches so don’t act so surprised when you get through 


Jershika: When ever John suggests a song, say no. 


Ryleigh: Less upbeat songs


GNT: arrange songs in a different way so it doesn’t all sound the same


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GNT - Distribute solos more evenly so each member has a chance to shine. Still add harmonies in there to though. Also try to pick songs that aren’t so overdone. 

Jeremy - Do either a Christian song and/or something upbeat next round. Also, it’s a great thing that you’re humble, don’t loose that. At the same time have more faith and confidence in yourself.


Hailey - Find songs that showcase who you are. Okay to your strengths. 


Gymani - Keep showing the audience your versatility. Surprise us with song choices.



Joshua - Keep showing us new sides to you. Also, I’d love to hear a Broadway song from you. I think you and Jeremy would also do a great duet together if both of you make it to the round where they do solos and duets if they do that this year. 

Shadale - I’d love for you to sing another uptempo song. Also try to stand out more. You’re very talented.

Jershika - Keep surprising us. You did awesome on the PO. I’d enjoy you showing us how you can nail both old and current songs. Always keep that fire in you and never loose your amazing personality. 



Jim and Sasha - Be wise about song choices. Pick songs that are suitable for BOTH of you. Also, Jim needs to be  louder, and while Sasha’s energy is infectious, showing his softer side would be cool.  

Holly - Do something to stand out. Find someway to fly from being under the radar as a talented underdog to a potential frontrunner. 

Ryleigh - Try to pick songs that showcase who you are and your artistry. And if you do another uptempo song, make sure it’s not too fast, even for you. As someone who’s as energetic as you are, if you have trouble keeping up with a song, it may not be the best, even for someone as talented as you. 




Wendy - Try to be creative in song choices. 



Paris - Try to tap into a more artistic side of your voice. We all know you can nail a vocal. Now add some creativity into it while stile keeping the stellar vocal. 

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Hailey - You got the power and potential to get far, but you need the right songs like in your WC IS performance. You are an incredible vocalist already, just songs are your main goal, then you are set to go.


Wendy - sing some more country.


Holly - Really just try to calm your nerves a bit, you are a fine singer, but nerves hit you the most. Bigger songs too please.

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9 hours ago, Discovolcano said:

Jershika: When ever John suggests a song, say no.




The best advice in this thread.


I still can't believe that when Zan and John dueted on tour, they sang "With A Little Help From My Friends" ?!?!??? Kyla's finale cover??

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Girl Named Tom - Sing an Original


Hailey Mia - Sing your Best Song


Jeremy Rosado - Bring back the Guitar


Gymani - Belt it out


Wendy Moten - Sing an Original


Paris Winningam - Sing a Navy themed song


Lana Scott - Sing a Hardcore song


Jershika Maple - Keep on stepping it up


Shadale - Take a Risk on a song like What I am by Edie Brickell


Joshua Vacanti - Sing a Classic song like you usually do like Picking up The Ritz for Example, and Do not start slow again


Ryleigh Plank - Sing a Rock song like one from Hole for Instance


Jim and sasha Allen - Sing an Original


Holly Forbes - Be Serious and Sing Serious instead of just singing to just get by like you have the last few rounds, Sing something that shows you are Final Worthy and stop relying on Luck to Advance you

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16 hours ago, Discovolcano said:

Wendy: Your better then everyone including the coaches so don’t act so surprised when you get through 


Wendy's definitely a skilled vocalist, but no contestant should act like they expected to be voted through to the next round. Most contestants are probably relieved to be advancing. But being thoughtful toward those who are still waiting for their results, humble, grateful, and excited are good reactions.

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Ariana has gone on voice rest in the past and knows it's important for singers to take care of their voices. She gifted a vocal health kit (filled with items she uses and recommends) to each Team Ari member, but contestants that didn't receive a lunch box should also try the products.


"As a coach, I want them to maintain healthy instruments," she says. "My gift this season is a lunch box. There are supplements and teas and honey packets to help soothe your voice."




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GNT: Make sure your solos are pretty evenly distributed and don’t be afraid to make your arrangements a little more interesting.


Hailey: Kelly is generally pretty good with song selection, so if she has tips, listen to them. She’s not perfect, though, so don’t be afraid to voice your concerns if you’ve got them.


Jeremy: Wear your heart on your sleeve, and you can pull out the Jesus Card(TM) and go gospel if you need to. Do it.


Gymani: Creative arrangements are your strong suit, so pick songs the audience knows and add your own flavor to them.


Joshua: Find the songs that bring out your vulnerable side as well as your dramatic one, and play up your connection with the audience when appropriate.


Jershika: Jazzy R&B suits you perfectly, but don’t be afraid to take the audience to church when you’re singing.


Shadale: Find songs that allow you to show off your stage presence while also highlighting your pop sensibilities.


Holly: Don’t let nerves get in the way of your performance, and pick songs that show off what your voice can do as well as that tone.


Jim & Sasha: Make sure you’re both equally highlighted vocally in the arrangements of your songs.


Ryleigh: Sing songs that show off your upper register without relying on it to carry the song, since that’ll wear your voice out by the end of your performance.


Wendy: Embrace the country crowd but subtly by doing crossover hits (such as “How Do I Live” and “Breathe”).


Paris: Make John regret pairing you against Jershika and being forced to let you go.


Lana: You love country pop and do well with it, but don’t be afraid to go a little more classic country with your song choices.  


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