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How Does Season 21's T13 compare to Season 13's T12?


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I can’t tell quite yet, but I really like a large percentage of artists in this Top 13. Sure there are a couple artists I don’t really like, but I don’t think these will get on my nerves as much as the ones I didn’t like in S13. Also, no playoff robberies even close to as bad as the worst one from Season 13 happened.


In order to really judge though, we need to see what these Live Shows are like. 

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1 hour ago, ikwonic said:

No offense but Noah, Addison, Chloe, Keisha, Jon, Brooke, Janice, and Davon would eat up everyone in the S21 top 13.


Not so sure about that. Also weren't the S13 Playoffs not live? So it's hard to compare both seasons playoff performances.


But looking at the best prelive performances this season, I'd say S20s best stack up well against s13s best. Where S13 has S20 beat I think, is the number of great performances. But I think even that's up for debate, at least until the knockouts and playoffs.


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