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Who had a break out moment/s in the KOs?


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tbh I don't feel like anyone have a 'breakout' in knockout this season. frontrunners are still the same as before and they were some really good performance from shadale, Paris, ryleigh etc but it really wasn't a breakout performance. but ig it depends on how we view 'breakout' moments. for me it would be like Chloe or Jake where they come from nowhere and rise to the top

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Important to define what a breakout means. If it means defining a frontrunner, perhaps no one new. Hailey Mia might be a dark horse depending on the quality of performances between her and GNT.


If it meant putting them on the radar for a better shot, then Samuel, Jershika, and Shadale.

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The Knockouts didn’t change much for the competition, but the 4 on Team John and 3 on Team Blake besides the “PV locks” going into Knockouts had their best performances in the competition


If anyone were to have that type of breakout performance, it would be GNT, but they already felt like contenders

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