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  1. it's such a bummer she got eliminated after THAT
  2. i only started watching last year lol
  3. Clarrisa Spata's Uprising were breathtaking , I'm too lazy to find the video lol
  4. TVAUS talent are really good tho. Kinda prefer them to US . But i prefer the US format
  5. so the 'i just kinda wish you were gay' line of Julia's performance was remove from our tv . the performance was so weird without that part like f*ck conservative
  6. am i the only one that doesnt really like Carter's blind audition? i mean yeah he's good and all but it's kinda forgetable idk or maybe i expected too much
  7. omg i love himmm. please add me ;')
  8. this thread remind me how much potential s16 had . i mean imagine finale with maelyn , rizzi and jej
  9. from the sneak peek Siala - God is a woman Stellar - anyone Johnny - my heart will go on i couldnt hear what chris is singing tho
  10. did guy recognized her during her audition?
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