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  1. im not a fan of Cam but im well aware he's the most deserving. Chloe is my personal favorite but she's was pretty inconsistent after TEOTH and Addison was more consistent and i think Addison should have won but i didn't mind her winning. Danielle was pitch perfect everytime but her season was stacked af and the finale was kinda disappointing.
  2. GNT - Wichita Lineman Bella DeNapolli and Katie Rae -Enough is Enough Wendy Moten - Over the Rainbow Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart Jershika Maple - God Only Knows
  3. is there any finale when IDF like all finalists? even in s13 i would have prefer Noah/Keisha over Red
  4. i think the youngest was kennedy and i think she was 15 in the finale so Hailey is the youngest finalist ig
  5. am i the only one that find Wendy's upper high note kinda screechy. but that wa undeniably good
  6. Alison's wasn't live tho it's an unfair comparison but we do know she can belt
  7. okay that was Wichita lineman material... chills everywhere and especially down there lmao
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