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Paris Winningham Fan Thread


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Puede ser una imagen de 1 persona, de pie y texto



So this guy made it to the Top 20, but nobody has made a fan thread for him due to his IG being private and him having no YT. However, he has FB, and all of his singing videos are on there. 


FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: https://www.facebook.com/paris.winningham


Note: He doesn´t post a minute cover videos, he straight up live streams his gigs, hence why the videos are like 40 minutes long lol. I love his voice, and the precision in which he executes his performances. Very soulful, very powerful, easy to listen to.


Some highlights of him singing in this video:


(7:10 - 11:44 )Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton (His KO song)

(22:35 - 26:19)Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I´m Yours by Stevie Wonder

(33:08 - 36:48)Don´t Stop Believing by Journey




This is another good one, much shorter lol. He sings "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson and "Isn´t She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder.




Also, good news, given that both his battle and KO featured steals, he´s not gonna get montaged at any point on the show.



1. Misirlou

2. pawis

3. David68

4. Persy

5. sydneysam

6. FloorWax

7. ss_f1

8. B-B


10. Jordan Smith Fan

11. Cookie73

12. VintageVoice

13. Gmm99

14. istersay

15. jamescasaki

16. Dalton Eduardo

17. Hsamid

18. Hamza Tufail





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Alright, assuming there's 7 episodes of blinds (I'm including the first hour of the shared final blinds/first battles episode), in what episode do you think he'll be shown? No evidence needed, just hunches.


Given his constant promo appearances and hia story, I'm gonna say the premiere.

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