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Paris Winningham Fan Thread


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14 minutes ago, Gmm99 said:

From the caption of Paris' latest IG post.


"WE IN THE TOP 11 YALL.... now ita time to have fun.... Fan week is coming up and you guys picked a GREAT SONG 👀."

Fun, great song, i'm ready! 


this week he was perfect vocally but it doesn't moved me (probably because the song choice and the fact he's already gave us performances 100/10 the last weeks)

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On 11/16/2021 at 6:58 AM, FloorWax said:

I want Paris to sing another soulful country tune next week. Any suggestions?

"You Don't Know Me" or "I Can't Stop Loving You" from "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" by Ray Charles.  

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"You're gonna love fan week...the song that you picked is right up my ally. Right up my ally." - Paris just now. (He's at vocal rest now and he sounds more excited than last week). "Try A Little Tenderness??"

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1 hour ago, VintageVoice said:

Still not quite as fresh as I wanted for Paris, but he sounds great and it’s a good use of the rasp while also showing off the higher end of his range + being a more intense number than last week emotionally, so I’d be shocked if he’s not one of the top performances on social media tonight.

This. The song itself is a bit more fresh when it comes to Bill Withers songs on The Voice ("Use Me" hasn't been covered for 6 seasons till now). "Ain't No Sunshine" gets covered more frequently.

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