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  1. Heart on Fire is so beautiful I'm in love with this song and her voice
  2. I wanted her to be the leak but I'm still 90% convinced that she will be in the premiere !!! , I want so bad heard her blind (sorry if I made a mistake my english sucks )
  3. My queen ! She is the type of singers that I could watch the whole day Waiting for her to slays us again Add me
  4. Add me Holly have a beautiful voice I think Holly could go too far on the show
  5. Add me ! I love her and she is one of my favs
  6. Gihanna Zoe with Glitter in the air (I liked her a lot before that too but after this performance I become a fan) Max Boyle with When the party's over Chloe Kohanski with Landslide
  7. YASSSSS She is in the lives . I'm gonna admit that i was afraid because I don' trust John but im happy that i was proved wrong
  8. I love the song but agree . But im so happy at the same time Queen Bella made it and I'm satisfied
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