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  1. Wendy Samuel Paris Gymani Girl Named Tom (I don't like groups/trios usually but their blind was so good)
  2. Heart on Fire is so beautiful I'm in love with this song and her voice
  3. I wanted her to be the leak but I'm still 90% convinced that she will be in the premiere !!! , I want so bad heard her blind (sorry if I made a mistake my english sucks )
  4. My queen ! She is the type of singers that I could watch the whole day Waiting for her to slays us again Add me
  5. Add me Holly have a beautiful voice I think Holly could go too far on the show
  6. Add me ! I love her and she is one of my favs
  7. Gihanna Zoe with Glitter in the air (I liked her a lot before that too but after this performance I become a fan) Max Boyle with When the party's over Chloe Kohanski with Landslide
  8. YASSSSS She is in the lives . I'm gonna admit that i was afraid because I don' trust John but im happy that i was proved wrong
  9. I love the song but agree . But im so happy at the same time Queen Bella made it and I'm satisfied
  10. Good luck Bella I'm so nervous for her but I'm know that she is gonna slays this and so impatient for seeing her in the show and to know her song choice in the kos
  11. I just saw this so beautiful her voice always got me
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