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Who sang "if I die young" better?

Who sang "if I die young" better?  

36 members have voted

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    • Karla Davis
    • RaeLynn
    • Chevel Shepherd
    • Anna Grace

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Anna’s brought tears to my eyes and knowing just how real this song is to her makes it that much more impactful. 

Her and Ryleigh both have gotten better with each round IMO 

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Chevel was excellent, but slightly unsteady (and who wouldn't be for their blind!)


Anna embodied the song's message more for me (after all, she had reason to) and she really poured her heart out, so I'm voting her.


RaeLynn sounded odd at parts to me.

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12 hours ago, QueenCami said:

Also, I think it's Shepherd and not Shephard (someone correct me though if I'm wrong)

Chevel Shepard's Pie. 😂😂😂 JK.

It's Chevel Shepherd. Shepard is a common mispelling of Sheperd acc to google.

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17 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

I doubt she's going to get any votes now, but if anyone's curious, I found Karla Davis' version lol



It's unavailable for me. Can you tell what performance is this. Is it her THE VOICE performance or her acoustic version.

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