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Bailey Rae Fan Thread

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Bailey Rae Fan Thread

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1. season1

2. jamescasaki
3. David68

4. Hamza Tufail

5. QueenMae16

6. CdnCountryFan





























[h/t: Dany for Trivia Image]







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16 minutes ago, jamescasaki said:

add me i thought it was the best battle of the episode


10 minutes ago, David68 said:

Loved the battle! Add me!



Added you both. She did really good, and the battle deserves to be the premiere closer. :yes:

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Bailey did good tonight though I wish she sang a classic country song instead. She would have sounded great with some Patsy Cline song or similar. Bailey needs our votes to advance to the Finale. oNghnm5.gif





Her performances on Twitter --





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