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  1. Add me to the fan list please
  2. https://idolchatteryd.com/changes-in-store-for-the-voice-semifinals/
  3. Let Canadians vote! Like I mentioned in my other thread, us Canadians were able to vote on Nashville star, and it was an all American show, with one season that had a Canadian contestant. We all have favourites on the show and can’t download the app as it’s only on the American iTunes Store, which isn’t fair! Like I said before as well, had Anders made it to live shows, would tptb change the rules so that his Canadian family and friends could vote for him, or would they be out of luck as well?
  4. So, who won the 4 way knockout? If it wasn’t revealed, then I just wasted 2 hours of my time for nothing
  5. I’m so stumped as to why Canadians are not eligible to vote, we watch the show regularly and have favourites, so why can’t we vote? Even the official iPhone app is only in the American iTunes Store, so we can’t even get that! I wonder what would have happened had Anders moved forward to the lives, he has family and friends here in Canada being from Ottawa Ontario, so what, they wouldn’t be able to vote for him? I wish there was a way to contact the producers with this suggestion for future seasons. Heck, Canadians were able to vote on Nashville star, and there was a Canadian on only one season, but not the voice?
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