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  1. I went to his fan club parties in Nashville during cma fest week back before he became a superstar, he was always such a super nice guy, glad to see him get the recognition that he deserves
  2. I would also love to hear more REO speedwagon, loved Samantha Howells cover of Take It On The Run
  3. Just found this on YouTube https://youtu.be/Sxc5EZWmyBw
  4. Season 16 when Hannah Kay tells Adam off
  5. I’d love some more reo speedwagon, more Styx, def leppard, some hair bands (slaughter, firehouse, etc)
  6. You know, vinyl, you’re right, I just looked at the website on my device that has the VPN (in order to vote on the show), and the prices are completely different
  7. Jim ranger is now $41.99, Ian is $28.99, Ryan Gallagher $104.99, I think they pretty much all raised their prices
  8. I just discovered that Gwen Sebastian from season 2 just signed on, $20
  9. Two words, KATIE KADAN! I swear, every video of hoot winning the voice on YouTube, is he’s just a generic country singer, Katie should have won (or rose), country always wins, it’s rigged, it should have been Katie (or rose)
  10. So far the most expensive from the voice, is RaeLynn at $109.99 also the swon brothers $109.99
  11. Avery Wilson from season 3 just signed up, $100
  12. Yet Nashville star was an American show and Canadians were eligible to vote (and audition) and a proxy wasn't needed in order to vote
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