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Will Team Gwen Win This Time Or Not?

Hamza Tufail

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I think some of the contestants will do well in the live rounds, but I think the roof for most of them unless they have a breakout moment (totally possible given we still haven’t even gotten to battle rounds) is the semifinals/Instant Save of the Semifinals, which is where she might get a finalist because the producers will pimp her contestant.

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I really, really, really want her to, but . . . uh . . . probably not.  She has the Miranda contingent constantly out to get her.  That's going to hinder her, for sure.  Plus, not as much fan loyalty as Kelly, John, and especially Blake have.  Yes, Kelly and John have managed to overcome it, but it helped that they had awesome artists to serve as powerful, attractive alternatives to hated (or just disliked) Blake finalists.


Gwen is going to need a really, really, really, really good artist and do extremely well with him or her and likely let him or her choose his or her own direction on the show to get over those hurdles.  Kelly and John listened to Brynn, Chevel, and Maelyn about the paths that they wanted to take and, for the most part, let them do as they wished.  They managed to beat Blake's members because of that.  Most of Blake's own winners he let do what they wanted, as well.  I have hope that Gwen will do this, since she mostly let Hunter and Rose do what they wanted, too.


Point is . . . she probably won't win once again, but I'd like to see her finally do so.  But at this point, she has to do everything -- and I do mean EVERYTHING -- right for that to happen.  (And of course, maybe have some, but not a lot, of help from the show.)

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