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The X Factor Rankdown

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My cat literally just died and I just got finished burying him so forgive me if I frankly don't give a sh*t what anyone told you. This game does not matter to me right now.

Victoria went to the  emergency room last night due to stomach related issues. She has been there since last night.

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Olivia Olson 

Olivia was a contestant on the first series of X Factor Celebrity. She’s an American actress who is better known for starring in the British film Love Actually. 

I remember most people on here saying how great she’ll be, how she’s one of the best vocally and this place really built her up to be something she wasn’t. She had such a mighty fall from grace when she was the second contestant eliminated during the first live show. She didn’t have a clue who she was musically and was all over the place with song choices. She’s pretty terrible so can leave here.


Saving 4Sure.

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My nominates are crappy girl groups vs shitty boy groups.  Why?  In the end they are all poo.




Belle Amie

Four of Diamonds

Miss Dynamix

Kandy Rain

RoXxy Montana

Sister C






Soul System

Stereo Kicks

The Stereo Hogz

United Vibe


Younger Than Yesterday

Young Men Society



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Young Mens Society

These guys are from the most forgettable season of X Factor Australia and I legit don’t know who they are. I originally cut Soul System but hearing some of their performances they are a million times better than any of the other boy bands nominated this round. I needed to change my choice!


I’ve just watched a couple of performances back and these guys were rough. Their performance of the first live show was absolutely abysmal. Please watch it as calling it abysmal does not do justice to how terrible absolutely everything was. I honestly don’t know how they lasted this long!


Saving Four of Diamonds

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Younger Than Yesterday



Who are these guys again? I nominated them my round because I couldn't remember who they were and that still applies here. Looks like they were on the sixth season of X Factor Australia and being in the groups category, had Dannii as ther mentor. They were a three-member boy band that auditioned originally as solo artists but were put together at bootcamp. They lasted two weeks in the live shows, singing One Way Or Another in week 2. I am listening to it now an YouTube and it was absolutely tragic. They rightfully landed in the bottom 2 after that and they lost to XOX in the sing off. They look to have disbanded now. Bye from this rankdown.


Saving : Sister C

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26 minutes ago, Elliott said:

All the boy bands getting cut and the girl groups getting saved?


random GIF

Lol the second choice I was debating on is a boy band. :lmao: And I also liked Young Men Society but they got cut already. :haha: 

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4 minutes ago, Solaris said:







Just kidding i'm bored.

Im kidding too I obvs chose to save the hottest boys but it was between two


the girls I actually did just decide the first one on the list lol

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United Vibe


You’re telling me I get to cut another act from X Factor UK Series 15? Well with pleasure! 😄:giggle: United Vibe were a boy band from Series 15 of X-Factor UK that were on Robbie Williams Groups Team and they consisted of Blaise Duncan, Kieran Harrison, Jack Tisdall, Jon Guelas and Elliot Horne. Ugh did we discuss how horrible that season was….. because it certainly was. 😐 But yeah the guys were all eliminated during the earlier rounds of the series but were all brought back formed into a group. Sadly They just weren’t really good at all. I think I found all of their performances really rough. On Week 1’s This is Me night, they sang “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan. On Week 2’s Guilty Pleasures night, they sang “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. On Week 3’s  Fright Night, they sang “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. I just remember their vocals/harmonies not ever being on point and that they lacked chemistry and stage presence. I think their Miley performance was especially their worst. They lasted 3 weeks and made it to 12th place in the competition. They actually stayed together post-season and released three singles last year called “Ain’t It Funny,” “Esta Noche” and “Sticks and Stones and Mobile Phones.” Never heard of any of these but I’m hoping thy are doing well and improved since their time on the show.


Here is their version of “Bleeding Love.”



Saving: XOX



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sorry ladies, you were alphabetized out but honestly it was likely someone was going to cut you anyway. Don’t remember you or anything you did, not sure if you were even on a season I watched. Ohhh this is a group from Australia Season 5, which I did watch but I remember nothing about this group so they must deserve their cut since they did nothing memorable. They were mentored by hot mess Natalie, which I think is a good fit actually. Looks like they were the first boots in the live shows so clearly the Australian public weren’t into them either. One thing that I do have to say is that the picture I chose is fierce and I’m obsessed with the lighting, background and everything about it. So good job ladies for nailing that photo shoot! Ya better werk betches! Hopefully that’s 100 words


Save: Futureproof

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1 hour ago, Elliott said:

All the boy bands getting cut and the girl groups getting saved?


random GIF



Also I tried to comprise a list of 18 girl groups, but there were only 14 worthy of nominating this round.  So I changed plans to do half and half. Sorry.  

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