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The X Factor Rankdown

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My cat literally just died and I just got finished burying him so forgive me if I frankly don't give a sh*t what anyone told you. This game does not matter to me right now.

Victoria went to the  emergency room last night due to stomach related issues. She has been there since last night.

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2 to Go
Diva Fever
Scott Bruton
Tamera Foster
Nu Vibe
Christopher Maloney
Rylan Clark
Overload Generation
Jonjo Kerr
Adrien Nookandu
Sweet Suspense
Mitchell Smith
What About Tonight
Adil Memon
Younger Than Yesterday
Kevin McHale
Barry Southgate

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Jonjo Kerr


LOL Well I wanted to eliminate all 3 of the Wildcard comeback twist contenders that DIDN’T come back since it was a cute trend of mine to do - so thanks Tom for nominating Jonjo Kerr so I could eliminate him now. :giggle: OK I don’t really know much or remember much about Jonjo. Johjo Kerr was 27 on his time on the show and from Chorley. He was apart of Louis Walsh’s Over 25s team. Jonjo sang “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks. I don’t think I really cared for that performance at all. But yeah Louis put it simply that Jonjo was the weakest performer of his category and chose to eliminate him from the competition. Jonjo was apart of the wildcard comeback twist, where he came in 3rd with 13.2% of the vote. And let’s not forget how Louis was stanning hardcore for Amelia Lily to come back over his own act in Jonjo. :dead: Poor guy.


Here is his audition and live shows performance.





Saving: Tamera Foster



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Nu Vibe




Nu Vibe was a boy band that competed on X Factor UK Season 8.  They were mentored by Tulisa who won that season with Little Mix.  Tulisa was very much change everything, group names, number of members, etc at the process went on.  Nu Vibe went on to be eliminated in 12th place in week 2 of the competition.  After a member left the Risk, Tulisa invited back Ashford from Nu Vibe to join the  Risk.  I don't think that should have been the case.  He didn't make The risk any better, and the new member confused fans.  


Anyway Nu Vibe had 3 performances, in week 1 they did Beautiful people.  In Week 2 they did With or Without You and it landed them in the bottom 2.  They then picked Promise this and they were bad.  Why would you pick a Cheryl Cole song as a boy group?  Makes no sense.  Anyway they were swiftly kicked to the curb after that.  


Save: Rylan

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Overload Generation is a boy band that competed on the eleventh series of The X Factor UK back in 2014. They were initially eliminated before Judges' Houses, but they were brought back as a wildcard choice. Their return to the show was with a performance of "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. The song choice makes no sense for them, even with the lyric changes they make. I'm watching the performance now, and it's a rough vocal. This is mediocre from beginning to end. They were in the bottom of the votes after this, so they chose "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri for the sing-off. And it's no wonder they were eliminated afterwards, despite the judges taking it to deadlock. The success of One DIrection likely influenced the plethora of boy bands competing on these shows, so Overload Generation were also on the same series as Stereo Kicks (who weren't very good either). Anyway, sorry to any fans, but out goes Overload Generation from the rankdown.


And I'm saving Futureproof.  




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Scott Bruton

Scott was a contestant during the fifth series of X Factor UK. Scott was a mediocre singer and performer who Simon tried to add some style to, to cover up the fact he was a week vocalist. I still remember the disaster that was his first live shows performance. Simon had given him “Yeh Yeh” and it was one of the worst things to have happened on any series. X Factor UK was still pretty new at this point so people actually voted for that mess and he was announced safe. Not just safe but he got second in the vote. 🤣


He had a fall from grace the next week as he landed ninth after a very average performance and then tenth the following week to land him in the sing-off against Daniel. Daniel had a storyline and Scott didn’t - so he had to go! I’m glad he didn’t outlast the likes of Laura and Ruth.


Saving Adil.

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Front page updated! And these are the remaining noms:


  • 2 to Go
  • Diva Fever
  • Christopher Maloney
  • Adrien Nookandu
  • Sweet Suspense
  • Mitchell Smith
  • What About Tonight
  • Younger Than Yesterday
  • Kevin McHale
  • Barry Southgate
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Ugh. Imagine having a final 3 where 2/3 of the finalists are Jahméne Douglas and Christopher Maloney? Over it. Christopher Maloney was a contestant from the ninth series, who was originally eliminated at the judges' house and then brought back as a wildcard. For some reason, the UK decided to make questionable decisions that year and let Christopher make the finale. In fact, he was first in the vote all the way to Top 5 week. A true nightmare. I'm at 100 words now which is good because I don't have to relive any of his terrible performances for this write-up! Thank you next.


SAVE: Kevin McHale

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  • *Chris changed the title to The X Factor Rankdown

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