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The X Factor Rankdown

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My cat literally just died and I just got finished burying him so forgive me if I frankly don't give a sh*t what anyone told you. This game does not matter to me right now.

Victoria went to the  emergency room last night due to stomach related issues. She has been there since last night.

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These guys narrowly missed my nomination shortlist on my round, so why not go ahead and get rid of them now? They were a four piece boyband consisting of three brothers and their best friend, and they were part of Samantha Jade's season. Unforunately, they were not one of the good things about it as I remember them being pretty tragic most weeks especially week 1 with Payphone. Ronan Keating mentored them and he has a habit of overpimping his acts and making me dislike them more than I normally would. They lasted until week 6 until they found themselves in the bottom 2 with Bella Ferraro and losing to her in the sing off. I think this is 100 words so bye from this rankdown. 


Saving: Dean Ray

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Jake Quickenden




So he’s hot I know that but he’s the name I recognized the most so I took a page out of someone else’s book and eliminated the most recognizable name I saw. If others want to do it so can it. Let me look at what season he was on because I do not remember. He was on the 11th series of the X factor uk and was in the boys category. His mentor was Mel b and came in 12th place. He was proper fit and looks like he belonged on a show like love is blind or too hot too handle. Handsome guy but his run ends here.

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Brendan Murray


I get to cut another act from the bad and underwhelming Series 15? #bless for that! Anyway Brendan Murray was a member of Louis Tomlinson’s Boys Team and he made it all the way to 5th place. Ooh goodness I remember not liking Louis as a judge or mentor or Robbie or Adya for that matter either. :lmao: Before Brendan’s time on X-Factor, he was a member of the Irish boy band named Hometown. I remember not being a fan of Brendan and finding his voice annoying and screechy - and gah I was just not a fan of his tone or his voice at all. He seems like a nice kid so there's that at least? A lot of his earlier performances were really bad and i just did not get his appeal. He sang songs like Ariana Grande’s “Break Free,” Cher’s “Believe” and 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Youngblood.” I don’t remember liking any of those.  Brendan did show some kind of improvement as the season progressed but I can’t remember what was his redemption performance - “Everybody Hurts” or “Say Something”? It was nice he was improving towards the end of his run and gaining confidence. But regardless he lasted wayy too long.


I will post a video that has all his performances from the show below….



Saving: The Risk



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I viewed at least one performance of the remaining nominees, and Luke & Joel were my least favorite of the bunch. Therefore, they're the ones I'm cutting this round. Luke & Joel are a pair of brothers that competed on The X Factor Australia back in 2010. They were a rock duo and mentored by Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian. Not all of their performances are available on YouTube, but I'm unimpressed by the ones I'm watching. I'm viewing the "Hey Ya" performance, and it's just a rough vocal from beginning to end. What an odd song choice for a competition too (even if the theme was party anthems). I'm viewing "Best of You" now, and once again it's just an average vocal. Sorry, but these guys were just not ready for a big stage like this. Each performance I saw was karaoke, including "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing." They lacked originality, yet they still managed to make it to fifth place. They must've had some fans to make it that far, but their time in this rankdown is now over. Sorry to any Luke & Joel fans, but out they go from the rankdown.


And I'm saving Jonny.

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Didn't really care about anyone in this group except Jake but Victoria cut him so I don't really care...I have no idea who this girl group is, don't remember who they are or what they did. I'm not a fan of their style, I guess it's some kind of goth punk mix? Looking online, looks like they were formerly named just Alien and were eliminated in the first week of live shows. Sucks to suck. Apparently they had six members when they were on the show but are only five now. But I doubt there sixth member was a Zayn Malik because no one knows who the eff they are so bye ladies, you never had a shot to win anyway. Adios chicas, I think I actually watched their season too, so kind of embarrassing that I literally don't remember them at all.


SAVE: The Fisher Boys

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Kingsland Road




FML how many write ups do I have to bs my way through??? Anyway, onto another group (my fave targets to cut). The were a part of season 10, so I don’t remember them, bc I spent the entire season falling asleep to all performances (it’s not the worst season, but it’s up there for most boring imo). Using wikipedia to fill in the blanks, it tells me that they were originally just named Kingsland, but some band on Canada already had the name (lol), and that they were on the bottom twice, getting eliminated against Tamera. Ok, don’t care, bye!!!!


Save: Beatz (for the worst underdog journey ever lmao)

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I'm sorry, was there an X Factor Children that I was not aware of? Because these three look like fetuses and I don't believe they're old enough to be on this show. LOOK AT THE ONE WITH TWO SHIRTS. I'VE SEEN IPHONES OLDER THAN HIM. I don't know who they are, and I'm glad because I assume they sound terrible because they look like they're 8 years old. Kidz Bop has ruined enough in our lives without needing them to ruin X Factor too.


ETA: lol apparently the three of them did go out for The Voice Kids in Australia before they were on The X Factor. So that answers that question.


SAVE: Randomizer chose JTR, so that's what I'm going with. I don't know who they are either.

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