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American Idol Rankdown 2.0


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Just now, Alex95 said:

No she was never a judge lol. But I only wanted Kara and Andrew lemme pick her.

I didn’t know if she stood in for someone during the auditions or something. 🤣 I think it’s hilarious!

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1 minute ago, Zoey0069 said:

I was genuinely just reading your original post wondering if you was drunk. 🤣

:dead: we're talking about warning points because of Vicky in the television rankdown 

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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

Round 1: The Wildcard Round




In almost every season, the judges have had some say as to which contestants will advance from the semi-finals to the finals to prevent any sort of mishaps on that first (or last) week of voting. But the judges don't always get it right and some potential stars get left behind.


That's where you come. The seven judges in this game will, one by one, choose to advance semi-finalists into the "finals" of this game.

In all, each judge will get to advance 6 semi-finalists, for a total of 42 additional contestants that will join the 198 finalists the show has had.


This will give us an esteemed 240 contestants to start cutting and saving in round two.


You can choose to advance all six at once, or advance some now and some later after other judges have made their picks.

However, you must advance all six within 24 hours (by 4PM EST on Sunday), or each of your picks will randomly be assigned to another judge.


To find out who qualifies as a semi-finalist, please reference this link at WhatNotToSing.com:


Remember, this includes the quarter-finalists from Season 12, and the people that made the Top 14 in Seasons 16 and 17.


Good luck judges, and make good choices!

@Elliott @Alex95 @vee_ @1234567890 @NGM @Solaris @Zoey0069

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