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  1. Aang Sokka Katara Toph Beifong Prince Zuko Uncle Iroh Appa Princess Azula Mai Ty Lee The Cabbage Merchant – 2 (Steven, Nico) Chief Hakoda Haru – 2 (Steven, Nico) King Bumi – 1 (Steven) Princess Yue - 1 (Nico)
  2. Admiral Zhao Avatar Kyoshi Avatar Roku Grand Secretariat Long Feng Princess Ursa Chief Hakoda
  3. my top 4 is the top 4 so i legit couldn't care less how this ends
  4. "let us help Spain with tourism, it's not like we have anything else going on in the show or we could use that time to better flesh out other storylines, we are doing pretty well "
  5. I was completely fine with the show throwing that Catelyn story to the wayside since it has had zero payoff in the books and my guess is that it will have zero payoff (this was my guess all along before the show even started). If I have to choose between this show doing it halfway (aka Dorne) or not doing it at all, the choice is beyond easy.
  6. @Alex95 pass on S9, but sign me up for 10-12 (i'm gonna think if i join for 13 and 14)
  7. my win for this season is finally finding something in common with @FrogLenzen
  8. i quit after S3 (imo it went off the rails hard) but catched up later. S4 is something of a return to form, but I didnt care about anything that went down after it that said I'm really cutthroat with shows/movies bc i don't have a ton of spare time, so if at any point I start to not enjoy them/bored by them, it's bye bye and i won't look back most likely
  9. i'm pro watching shows that go off the f*cking rails tbh. I think I name dropped it during the tv rankdown (or might have been the film one idr) but I would recommend to any living soul to watch the first season of Homeland, even if most of the other seasons (esp 3) don't warrant it in any way
  10. I completely agree with this, the show has amazing seasons and even when the quality starts to progressively dip, you can find good episodes in the lackluster final seasons ... but I have to say (since this applies to a character rankdown), the characters that managed to dodge the endgame of the show (with a few exceptions) are probably the ones that aged the best for me as a complete arc (and probably bc they dodged that bullet)
  11. kmn i accidentally deleted an entire post pasting a yt link
  12. Thomas Stringfellow Take 2. Anyway, he was awful. He was a part of S15 and he couldn't sing at all, his tone was grating af, and had the most annoying way of pronouncing words I have ever seen. To paraphrase Phoebe Bridgers: "And why do you sing with a bad English accent? I guess it's too late to change it now". At least people saw thru this and sent him out the door in little to no time. Anyway filler content to reach 100 words: He auditioned with an Ed Sheeran song (give us that boring basic content), and had 2 other performances (Creep and Story of my Life). All his performances were abysmal, and I would struggle to find something redeeming about them. Anyway, bye. Save: the others
  13. save (bc i'm coerced to do so by the rules): Kory Wheeler Michael Simeon cut Thomas Stringfellow
  14. Arya Stark Brienne of Tarth Catelyn Stark Cersei Lannister Daenerys Targaryen Jaime Lannister Missandei - 4 (Alex), QK, Diana, Nico Olenna Tyrell Podrick Payne - 4 (Alex), QK, Diana, Nico Ramsay Bolton - 1 (Zoey) Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister - 1 (Zoey)
  15. Tyrion Lannister (rip Ned/Sean Bean for who knows what time tho)
  16. LOL at least I was right that Varys needed immunity
  17. with this group of finalists? pass, gl to my faves if the succeed or flop idc
  18. Arianna Asfar ngl I just looked at what names I didn't remember at all (there were a few) and threw them in a randomizer and that was my selection method. Arianna was a part of S8 for a hot minute, leaving at the semifinals after a pretty rought take on "The Winner Takes It All" by ABBA. From what little info I can find her audition was shown (Put Your Records On) so at least she wasn't completely invisible like other people were pre-lives. Aside from that she has some sort of involvement with Hamilton, but I'm too lazy to look into what she did post-Idol beyond that. So yeah, that's it for her in this rankdown. Save: Sabrina, Katelyn
  19. cut Arianna Asfar Save Sabrina/Katelyn
  20. 1. Zoey 2. Alex 3. 4.QK 5. 6. Sola 7. Diana 8. Nico
  21. Alliser Thorne Barristan Selmy Beric Dondarrion Jeor Mormont Lancel Lannister Shae Stannis Baratheon Walder Frey
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