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  1. I almost gave him one of my immunities bc I wanted to see who would be cut first without him as an option
  2. Cade Foehner Since we can kick Gabby to the curb, might as well end her husband. I actually liked some of the things he did pre-lives (I remember that rearranged performance of Feel It Still was interesting), so I wanted to see where he would go during the lives. The answer to that: downward spiral. He started ok, and got progressively worse and worse, to the point I was actively rooting for his elimination by Top 7 (yes, I would even keep lolzy trainwreck Catie Turner over him, at least that was fun to watch). At least my ears were saved of having to watch him flop through 3 more performances on the finale, since the audience got rid of him on T5 week. Anyway, BYE! Save: fodder Devin
  3. since no one said anything: cut Cade Foehner save Devin Velez
  4. idc so if anyone has suggestions let me know
  5. Immunities go to: Adam Lambert Haley Reinhart Michael Johns
  6. pulling a page off of Rei's book: if anyone has a spare save I have suggestions (no but fr, this noms are killing me)
  7. The Walking Dead The only one of the 3 I have watched, so at least I can talk about what made me stop watching it in the first place lmao. But first, the basics. Post-apocalyptic horror show, were the world basically ends in a zombie apocalypse, and the survivors are trying to stay alive (not just from the zombies tho, tribalism rears its ugly head and people are willing to kill each other, it’s the end of the world after all). I really liked the first season, sure it hit similar beats as the comic (oh btw it’s based on a comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard), but it also adds bits and pieces that make it its own experience (the CDC season finale is quite good imo). And with the end of its first season, problems start to arise. The showrunner left (they have gone through a decent number of showrunners since I stopped watching lol) and season 2 was okay/uneven, the second half really made it worth watching, but the first half felt like a chore. Also, the writing was kinda going downhill, but at that point it still was good enough to make it worth watching. Season 3 tho. Nope. Just nope. And that finale? BYE. I can’t speak for the rest of the show (it has had a lot of success, and has a couple of spinoffs) but yeah, I just stopped after that.
  8. On My Block I know it’s a Netflix show but that’s all I know about it. Time for some reading. It’s a comedy-drama, and it centers on 4 teens as they enter high school. It has been airing for a few years now (3 seasons so far, idk if there has been talks of a fourth one). The series has been praised for its diverse cast, story-lines, and performances. Honestly it doesn’t sound like my thing, but a lockdown like the one we are living in right now could make me a liar lol. Good job to the people that brought it this far, but out it goes.
  9. Charmed (1998) I got none of the shows I wanted out with my noms, but eh what can you do. Anyway, time to BS this. It’s a fantasy series that aired for 8 seasons in The WB. It centers around 3 sisters (The Charmed Ones) who are the most powerful good witches of all time, and use their powers to protect people. The sisters were Prue Halliwell (Shannen Doherty), Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano). Shannen’s character dies in season 3, and gets sorta replaced by Rose McGowan playing a lost half-sister (what a creative plot device wow). Anyway, it’s 100 words, gg.
  10. let me finish my write ups and I will see what I can do while I suffer in silence that 6 shows I love were nominated
  11. *looks for a random first name that’s easy to kill* Von Smith
  12. you could love it and leave it off the nom list tho
  13. I thought I was being messy but Alex really went for it
  14. I was waiting for Denise to save PLL to keep the spirit of us mistreating The Sopranos with late saves, but whatever save The Sopranos
  15. Virginia is a legend. The show can continue, but they will never outdo her
  16. I mean all of you, but sure
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