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  1. Round four: Candice Glover "A Natural Woman" Next round: Candice Glover "Come Together" Kree Harrison "Stronger" Kree Harrison "Up To The Mountain" Kree Harrison "Help Me Make It Through The Night"
  2. my random guess for winner is The Prayer with WLL and AIATY cancelling each other out in 2nd and 3rd place
  3. @Deeee sign me up for Aaliyah
  4. I was checking who has what left and props @taylorkat who got the entire Top 5 right
  5. first time i'm nervous something I ranked really low will win
  6. after the season that just ended idk if I have the energy to watch this show again (at this point the edit is a complete disaster and they will just throw 300 advantages and twists bc the aussie viewers like them)
  7. Colton Dixon "Decode" - (4) Andrew, Priscilla, Kevin, Nico Joshua Ledet "I Wish" - (2) Crisis, Andy Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" - (3) Hayden, Richard, Nico Erika Van Pelt "New York State Of Mind" - (9) Alex, Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Kevin, Megan, Crisis, Andy, Nico Colton Dixon “Piano Man” - (2) - Priscilla, Richard Skylar Laine "Gunpowder And Lead" - (3) Alex, Megan, Crisis Phillip Phillips "Still Rainin'" - (1) Kevin Colton Dixon "Love The Way You Lie" - (2) - Priscilla, Richard Phillip Phillips "U Got It Bad" - (7) Alex, Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Megan, Crisis, Andy Jessica Sanchez "Try A Little Tenderness" - (2) Alex, Priscilla Skylar Laine "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - (1) Kevin Jessica Sanchez "Proud Mary" - Joshua Ledet "To Love Somebody" - (2) Derek, Richard Phillip Phillips "Home" - (6) Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Megan, Andy, Nico
  8. Battle 1: Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" - 11 (Andrew, Elliott, Zoey, Chris, QK, Megan, Richard, Sola, Wallace, Hayden, Nico) Joshua Ledet "A Change Is Gonna Come" - 6 (Alex, Steven, Diana, JC, Derek, Lily) Battle 3: Phillip Phillips "Home" - 12 (Elliott, Steven, Diana, Chris, Andrew, JC, Weedy, Megan, Derek, Sola, Hayden, Nico) Joshua Ledet "Ready For Love" - 6 (Alex, Zoey, QK, Richard, Wallace, Lily) Battle 4: Jessica Sanchez "Try A Little Tenderness" - 8 (Alex, Diana, Zoey, QK, JC, Wallace, Lily, Hayden) Phillip Phillips "Beggin'" - 9 (Andrew, Elliott, Steven, Chris, Megan, Richard, Derek, Sola, Nico) Battle 5: Jessica Sanchez "Dance With My Father" - 6 (Andrew, JC, Richard, Wallace, Lily, Hayden) Jessica Sanchez "Proud Mary" - 11 (Alex, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Megan, Derek, Sola, Nico) Battle 6: Jessica Sanchez "Steal Away" - 7 (Alex, JC, Megan, Richard, Derek, Wallace, Lily) Colton Dixon "Decode" - 11 (Andrew, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Weedy, Sola, Hayden, Nico) Battle 7: Phillip Phillips "Still Rainin'" - 14 (Andrew, Alex, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Chris, JC, Weedy, Megan, Richard, Derek, Sola, Hayden, Nico) Jessica Sanchez "How Will I Know" - 4 (Zoey, QK, Wallace, Lily) Battle 8: Joshua Ledet "I Wish" - 12 (Alex, Elliott, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Richard, Derek, Wallace, Lily, Hayden, Nico) Phillip Phillips "Stand By Me" - 5 (Andrew, Steven, JC, Megan, Sola)
  9. NGM

    Big Brother 23

    Xavier is raising his nephew cause his brother (the father) died, Kyland can f*ck all the way off
  10. @Alex95 Skylar's Stay With Me to round for then!
  11. in the meantime, moving this to round 2: Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" Skylar Laine "Love Sneakin' Up On You" Joshua Ledet "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" Joshua Ledet "To Love Somebody"
  12. wish i could do this well on a season I actually cared about
  13. @Alex95 (idk who else watches this but FINALLY)
  14. Casey Abrams "I Put A Spell On You" (1) Zoey Kendra Chantelle "Georgia On My Mind" (2) Hayden, Weedy Pia Toscano "Don't Let The Sun Go Down O Me" Jacob Lusk "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" Paul McDonald "Folsom Prison Blues" (12) Gigi, rdhaley96, QK, Wallace, Victoria, Priscilla, Akshar, Diana, Amanda, Lily, JORDAN_FAN, Nico Lauren Alaina "Anyway" (8) Chris, Alex, Steven, Sola, Andrew, Elliott, JC, Crisis
  15. @Crisis and I are cutting: Lauren Alaina "Turn On The Radio" Lauren Alaina "Candle In The Wind" and moving to the finals: James Durbin "Living For The City"
  16. my rule of thumb is "middle of the road" (not exactly middle of the road, but as far as how they stand in any contestant's run on the show) survives the best, bad performances tend to leave early (really few stick around and they stick out), and the best ones are sacrifices to the god of petty or endgame material, flip a coin
  17. Round 4: James Durbin "Maybe I'm Amazed" James Durbin "Living For The City" Casey Abrams "Your Song" Casey Abrams "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"
  18. yeah count me in for 10-12 still thinking if i wanna even bother with 13-14
  19. he doesn’t know we can drag the shit out of both
  20. i don’t hate myself THAT much
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