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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

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1 minute ago, 1234567890 said:

Nikki McKibbin? 😢


Yes, still very sad about her. May be because the last time I was on IDF was when she passed.


The reason I'm here now is because I'm watching the new Digimon anime on Hulu, and the ad for the AI19 premiere came on. 😄

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Jordin and Blake are both good and fighting over them is silly when Melinda outclassed them week after week!

Advancing Kelly Brianne Clarkson so @Steven_ can't magically cut her again!

*me trying to figure out why everyone is arguing over Archie/Brooke/Carly outranking one another instead of just focusing on Derek saying he didn’t like S7*

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4 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

And he admitted to loving a ghastly song like I’m On a Roll in the same post. Oh, Wally. :wub: 

IOAR was lowkey a jam though. :ph34rwave:


(I’m not saying it was a good song.)

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