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  1. I’m debating watching this movie. Does Haley have any non-singing lines in the movie? I don’t want to watch the entire movie if there isn’t a lot of Haley in it
  2. Anyone have a link to a livestream for tonight?
  3. 1. Parvati 2. Michelle 3. Sophie 4. Kim 5. Natalie 6. Sarah 7. Sandra 8. Tony 9. Amber 10. Ethan 11. Danni I was hoping for more from her. 12. Nick 13. Yul 14. Jeremy 15. Tyson 16. Ben 17. Denise 18. Wendell 19. Rob 20. Adam
  4. No she's probably indifferent. She probably saw a few videos and was like "Yeah man I like him. Sure, lets do it!"
  5. Kinda shocked. But I can see her being the American BENEE. like the quirky pop star.
  6. Hollie from S11. I didn't know she was even on that season until live shows. Of course she had good screen time S10, but GP doesn't have the best memory.
  7. I find that hard to believe. That whole Alejandro narrative was forced by production. They probably offered her the most screen time if she kept mentioning Alejandro. I really don't know why, but I guess someone above still loves him.
  8. And the underdog runs were one of my fave parts of idol. Not a fan of this season at all. Sad because the cast was great.
  9. If Makayla made it over Louis it would be perfect.
  10. 1. Makayla 2. Grace 3. Julia 4. Francisco 5. Just Sam 6. Dillon 7. Sophia 8. Jonny 9. Arthur 10. Louis 11. Jovin
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