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  1. 1. Casey Bishop - “House of the Rising Sun” (The Animals) - CHILLS!! 2. Madison Watkins - “Hotline Bling” (Drake) - A surprise, she took a song that isn't the best to sing and she made it work, and also killed it! 3. Ava August - “Love of My Life” (Queen) - She's back on track! 4. Hunter Metts - “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Bonnie Raitt) - His tone is amazing, I'm getting Trent vibes. 5. Beane - “Grow As We Go” (Ben Platt) - His best vocal yet. 6. Willie Spence - “Diamonds” (Rihanna) - Not a stand out like Sunday night. 7. Alanis Sophia - “Heart A
  2. To quote JLo, that song has never been sung like that before until Haley. But both were amazing.
  3. Yes it's entertainment. but yea I can see Madison releasing a Rachel Platten type album but more soulful.
  4. But with Arthur coming back, hey should’ve gone with 2 girls.
  5. He sounds like Trent, without the belting voice. But like Trent, I love his voice too.
  6. The backup singers were making her sound off. She slayed the ending tho
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