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Pick your Favorite runner up, 3rd placer, and 4th placer from last 5 seasons

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Fav Runner-up

    • Kenzie Wheeler
    • Wendy Moten
    • Bodie
    • Grace West
    • Ruby Leigh
  2. 2. Fav 3rd Placer

    • Jordan Mathew Young
    • Paris Winningham
    • Morgan Myles
    • D. Smooth
    • Mara Justine
  3. 3. Fav 4th Placer

    • Rachel Mac
    • Hailey Mia
    • Omar Jose Cardona
    • Sorelle
    • Jacquie Roar

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4th Placers: The is very hard for me. I stan Rachel, Sorelle, Omar, and I really like Hailey and Jacquie as well. I think I need to re-watch all of their runs. Should be fun.


Runner-ups: Okay this is hard as well. I seriously have no idea who I'm gonna pick. Cowboy's Sweetheart and Long, Long time are the 2 performances that I'd like to revisit the most, but overall I like more performances from Wendy, Bodie, and Grace. Wendy is the best vocalist here, but Ruby and Grace have my fav tones. I also remember liking Kenzie. His KO was an absolute banger. I think I need to re-watch all of their runs too.


3rd Placers: Mara had an incredible run. Her journey from PO to Top 8 was one of the best in these recent seasons. She made me her fan by giving fabulous performances back to back in the lives.


I loved Paris as well. His audition, battle, KO, PO, Top 11, and Top 10 all were incredible. I wish his last 2 weeks were good as well. Regardless, he had a great run.


I liked a couple of performances from D. Smooth and JMY as well.


But overall not only do I prefer Morgan's run, I also have a better connection with her as compared to others. I remember how much I enjoyed season 22. The way I (and her other fans) always kept checking her socials to get hints for her songs, they way she made it easier for us to hunt the songs for other contestants... It was just an amazing ride. I also remember her being controversial here. She was slaying all of her performances, week after week, yet many people criticised her. That actually made me root for her even more.


1. Morgan

2. Mara (Her song choices in the lives were better than Paris')

3. Paris

4. Jordan

5. D. Smooth

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1. Not a huge fan of any, but I’d go with Wendy first and Grace second


2. Morgan, but also enjoyed D Smooth, and Mara to an extent


3. Omar > Jacquie (liked some of Sorelle’s performances too but not as much as those 2)

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I enjoyed a lot watching all of their performances again. I'm glad I did it.



1. Ruby - At her best, I believe she's the best pure female country singer (excluding singers like Alisan, Morgan, etc...) to ever come to this show. Cowboy's Sweetheart and Long, Long Time are one of the best country performances I've ever seen.


2. Grace - Probably my fav tone out of everyone in this batch. Great run from start to finish. 


3. Wendy - By far the best vocalist of this batch. I think the reason I'm putting her at 3rd is because I didn't enjoy some of her performances. 


4. Bodie - I really like him, but like Wendy there were some of his performances that I didn't enjoy.


5. Kenzie 



1. Morgan

2. Mara

3. Paris

4. JMY

5. D. Smooth



1. Rachel

2. Sorelle

3. Omar


4. Jacquie - Her last 2 performances put her above Hailey. Those were some serious vocals.


5. Hailey - Just because she's last doesn't mean I don't like her. I just happen to like the others more)


I enjoyed Morgan's and Rachel's run the most.

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