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The Voice S24 - Battle Eps 2


The Voice S24 - Battle Eps 2  

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  1. 1. Favorite performance?

    • BIAS vs Jacquie Roar - Need a Favor
    • Alison Albrecht vs Angelina Nazarian - You Say
    • Julia Roome vs Olivia Eden - Kiss Me
    • Stee vs Willie Gomez - Tacones Rojos
    • Kristen Brown vs Juliette Ojeda - That´s The Way It Is
    • Mrs. Monet vs CORII - New Attitude
  2. 2. Grade the Episode

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)

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C- or D. An interesting night, to say the least.


A winner was present, but I mantain that it was more evenly matched than what most think.

1. BIAS vs Jacquie Roar


After a rewatch, this grew on me. Good harmonies and stage prescence, although nobody really stood out individually. Would have gone with Willie because he seemed more interesting in the long run.

2. Stee vs Willie Gomez


This one, on the other hand, shrunk on me from last night. I like their tones, it was sweet, but it´s clear that they´re green.

3. Julia Roome vs Olivia Eden


I liked the sassiness, but after a rewatch, it was mess. Their vocal ability is impressive, but they threw everything at once, all over the place, which didn´t allow me to enjoy it that much.

4. Ms Monet vs CORII


A fun song, it was a whole lotta mess that didn´t fit neither of them. Gwen really pulled this one out of a hat. I liked the chaos of Juliette´s BA, there was a beauty behind it. This time around, it was just chaos.

5. Kristen Brown vs Juliette Ojeda


Allison had a good opening. That´s all I say.

6. Allison Albrecht vs Angelina Nazarian


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1. Ms. Monet vs. Corii - It was messy, but it was so much fun and they're both very good vocalists

2. BIAS vs. Jacquie - Really good

3. Stee vs. Willie - Probably the most even battle so far, it was solid

4. Jula vs. Olivia- It was cute, but yeah they're both a little too green for this competition

5. Allison vs. Angelina - Yikes

6. Kristen vs. Juliette- Yikes

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Great job, although winner was obvious to me

1. Jacquie vs Bias

2. Ms Monet vs Corii


It was cute

3. Stee vs Willie


Olivia had a nice tone, that’s about it

4. Olivia vs Julia


Girl what

5. Alison vs Angelina

6. Kristen vs Juliette

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1. BIAS vs. Jacquie Roar

2. Ms Monet vs. Corii

3. Stee vs. Willie Gomez

4. Julia Roome vs. Olivia Eden

5. Kristen Brown vs. Juliette Ojeda

6. Alison Albrecht vs. Angelina Nazarian


C+, no really bad ones but a few mid-level performances that didn't really excite me.

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Good battle!

1. BIAS vs Jacquie


It was cute.

2. Stee vs Willie


Not for me but they did well

3. Ms. Monet vs CORii


Someone get them a Vitamix so they can blend

4. Alison vs Angelina

5. Julia vs Olivia

6. Kristen vs Juliette

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1. BIAS vs. Jacquie Roar



2. Stee vs. Willie



3. Ms Monet vs. CORii


Not for me but still fine

4. Julia vs. Olivia


I'm low-key rooting for Alison. That's it.

5. Alison vs. Angelina


There's not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that battle.

6. Kristen vs. Juliette


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Not a fan but there were good moments

1. BIAS vs Jacquie

2. Stee vs Willie



3. Ms. Monet vs Corii (puzzled by the double steal, like how/why)

4. Kristen vs Juliette

5. Julia vs Olivia (Julia gives me robe vibes)

6. Alison vs Angelina

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1. Ms Monet vs. Corii

2. BIAS vs. Jacquie Roar

3. Stee vs. Willie Gomez

4. Alison Albrecht vs. Angelina Nazarian

5. Kristen Brown vs. Juliette Ojeda

6. Julia Roome vs. Olivia Eden


B- for me. I enjoyed the episode. Although there were some issues but I like it.

Also, I'm sad for Willie, he deserved to move on.

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1. Kristen Brown vs Juliette Ojeda - Good voice and smooth tone, Juliette was way too screechy/shrill.

2. Alison Albrecht vs Angelina Nazarian - I just prefer her voice/tone.

3. Jacquie Roar vs BIAS - Her voice is great, BIAS was average.

4. Julia Roome vs Olivia Eden - More interesting tone, Julia was bland. 

5. Stee vs Willie Gomez - He's got so much star quality.

6. Ms. Monet vs Corii - Less painful to listen to.

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