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Who sung it best (the chain, never tear us apart, all I want)


Who sung it best  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Who sung "the chain" the best?

    • Chloe Kohanski
    • Cody Frost
    • Girl Named Tom
    • Celia Babini
    • Rachel Mac
    • Sally Skelton/homegrown
    • Timothy James Bowen
  2. 2. Never tear us apart

    • Cami Clune
    • Ash Morgan
    • Jolan
    • Jackie Foster
    • Keilah Grave
    • Kimia Scarlet Roth
    • Kim vs Chynna
  3. 3. All I want

    • Gean Garcia
    • Hunter Plake
    • Gina Miles
    • Steve Mccrorie
    • David jackson
    • Deanna Johnson
    • Micah Iverson
    • Salvador Simao

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I know we do these types of threads for almost every song, so to mix it up a bit, I'll be including international versions. I'll try not to include too many though (only the most notable international ones imo) since I doubt anyone wants to watch every rendition. Let me know if I've missed any though! Though I'm intentionally leaving out the kids versions.



The chain covers


Timothy James bowen


Cody Frost


Sally Skelton vs homegrown


Chloe MK




Rachel Mac





Never tear us apart covers


Kimia Scarlet roth


Ash Morgan




Keilah Grace


Cami clune


Kim vs Chynna


Jackie foster




All I want covers



David Jackson


Salvador Simao


Deanna Johnson


Gean Garcia


Hunter Plake


Micah Iverson


Gina Miles


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Damn the votes for all I want are all over the place. I thought Steve would win by a decent margin since he was one of the first to cover it and helped kickstart the songs popularity not just in singing shows but in general. Still, I think Hunter has my favourite rendition. He brought something new to the song with his vocal choices and arrangement.


 Ash is the clear winner of the "never tear us apart" covers. The most powerful rendition I've heard of that song by far.


Only one I had difficulty choosing was covers of the chain. Chloe was a bit more solid vocally then Cody, but Cody's version is more interesting to me while being almost as good vocally. Went with her.



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I’m not gonna vote (yet) since I haven’t seen them all but I would choose Steve on the last poll. His version brought some life to that song that is otherwise kinda dull imo. Micah and Hunter would be my favorite TV versions but even then  they bored me a little.

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1 hour ago, Hsamid said:

I thought the vote for Celia babini was a joke, but i listened to it and that was surprisingly decent..




It was half joke-half serious lol

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