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Best KO Of Season 22


Best KO of the season  

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  1. 1. Pick one.

    • Kique - Hey ya
    • Morgan Myles - What the World needs now
    • Omar Cardona - Radioactive
    • Parijita Bastola - I'd rather go blind
    • Justin Aaron - Can we talk
    • Bodie - Better now
    • Kevin Hawkins - This Woman's work.
    • Kim Cruse - I can't stand the rain
    • Eric Who - Ex's and Oh's
    • Rowan Grace - Vienna
    • Sasha Hurtado - Make it rain
    • Kate Kavlach - Anyone
    • Cara Brandisi (forgot the song name. Help pls)
    • Alyssa Witrado - Don't stop me now
    • Bryce Leatherwood - Colder weather.

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1. Morgan Myles 

2. Kate Kalvach 


That's my whole list.  


EDIT: Sorry, at the time i wrote this i still didn't watch Kim's performance and WOW! She is second, and Kate third. Everyone else, good, just not too hyped about their performances on this round

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Extremely difficult to pick - but I went with "Can We Talk" by Justin Aaron. I legitimately think that may be one of the greatest performances in the history of the show. Everything about it, from his vocals to his stage presence, from the arrangement to the structure, was just... like, I'm almost getting emotional thinking about how good it was lol


My other contenders were "Hey Ya" by Kique, and "Radioactive" by Omar Cardona.

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I liked the round, but I definitely think most of them, including my favorites, did better in the battle rounds. I felt them more at ease with their song choices than here, but still, I don´t think any of the Top 16 stumbled as a whole. 


Kique wins this for me. This round may have actually changed his course on the show if he keeps it up. I wasn´t as connected to Kate´s performance, but same goes for her.


Other than that, I liked Omar, Bodie, Kim, Justin, and Morgan. Parijita was good too, but I didn´t feel her in this performance much. Cara was a pleasant surprise, sucks to see her go, but at least she left on a high note.

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On 11/7/2022 at 11:21 PM, erik g said:

Top 5:


1. Kique

2. Kim 

3. Eric (yeah❤️)

4. Justin

5. Kevin

editing to switch Kim and Kique lol. Cant stop watching her KO

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